Don’t Smoke Pesticides or Chemicals... grow your own Weed.

8 months ago

Canada allows over 96 Chemicals to be used on their Government Sactioned Legal Weed.

Many of these chemicals are known Carcinogens.

You can see the list of 96 Chemicals allowed on the Health Canada Web Site:

Do you really want to smoke so many chemicals ?

Carbofuran is on this List of Pesticides used on Legal Canadian Weed.... “Carbofuran is so toxic that small amounts can kill full-grown bears.”


I guess you can trust the government that all the chemicals are properly flushed but when it comes to a Giant Conglomerate Licenced Producer rushing to meet Quarterly profits can you really ?

I think I will just grow my own. Maybe there are some great Organic growers out there ?

If you know of any let me know.....

Stay Healthy. Know what you’re Smoking.



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Yeah i agree with that. Organic cannabis is healthy and cheap also and should be consumed whereas the inorganic cannabis is a bit risky and costly too. So i'll always go for the organic product rather then inorganic one.