Yohoho ... A beautiful day in the Garden of the Holy Kaneh Bosm

4 months ago

A beautiful day in the garden.

Lots of new hemp coming along.
We will soon be able to make lots of new ropes and sails for the boat.

Yohoho ...

Noble Barons and Knights

Let there be an End to Violence and Hatred.

The time has come to have a King, who will bring Peace and Justice....

How shall we choose such a King ?




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Good video, what does it mean? Is it from a game?


Yes .... It's a Free online Live Multiplayer game .... https:// Yohoho.io ..... I thought the Giant Palm trees looked like huge Cannabis plants so I created a Pirate called Smoke.io and play the game every day as a way of Advertising Smoke.io to the hundreds of other Pirates on https://Yohoho.io