Reminder to all Block Producers

2 years ago

Copy/paste from Telegram Witness Group for BP's that are after 3 months still unaware it exists life and future as it's stability depends on top 20BPs to operate 24/7/365 with 99.5% uptime.

Another 30 BPs are there waiting for a fair oportunity to step in when some of top 20 FAIL to do their job - with earning every 1-4 hour maybe 0.166735 smoke for block signature instead of every minute. Why they need to wait for you to earn and not care your node ?

Leaving Disabled/Missing blocks witness in TOP20 not allows rest to earn, being unfair to them and on top of everything Missing blocks BP is liability for the network (it can go off and completely fuck the blockchain).

If you think this was a game and you just come, pay node, start and never look back - FUCK OFF AND DONT REPLY BACK SAME AS YOU ARE NOT LOOKING BACK TO YOUR NODE.
Nobody asks you to report status of your node daily/weekly on the network. You have been all asked to MAINTAIN and provide Backup node in case your original one is failing.

You have all been warned that you will need basic linux system administration knowledge.
You have all been rewarded daily and minute by minute for each minute you have been an active witness. When you lose you status of an Active witness, don't fud others and find reasons why you are not earning anymore, but accept that you FUCKED IT UP and it only UP TO YOU will you fix, behave, say sorry and get voted back in.

I care about network to see success. Anyone who is ignorant enough to put himself in front of it, will get my worst.

Feel free to reach out anyone in #BitShares for definition of me picking someone, just because i still havent done it here.

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Salute you Sir, you have a strong determination and i agree on what you said.

Wel said man. Being witness comes with responsibility not to just farm smoke.

This community is still very young and yet there has been many issues that are going on as far as witnesses are concerned...I for one have experienced that. I hope we will not start flag wars here. Witnesses should be responsible in their jobs as well as users should contribute something positive for the good of the community. How can newbies understand on their first time here on smoke when there are so many negative issues going on here?


There are no issues. There are people who or fits to statement from @futurethinker or don't. :) Who ever had a successful and long-term job with 0 responsibility ? :)

Well, who is not working out? I will check my witness votes.