The seeds got here! No Name is the strain. medicalSeedSco. are the breeders! Budget Grow.

3 months ago

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This came in the mail today.

Well really they got here yesterday but I wasn't home so I had to go pick them up. Big thanks to Seedsman for the quick and easy process on buying #seeds. I was able to pay with BCH which was also super easy and I got a 15% discount which in my case covered most of the shipping cost. I have never heard of medicalSeedSco. but the packing is nice and brings a lot of information on the box. Everything came nicely sealed. After checking out their website I feel sure that these seeds will give nice results. 20190712_125546.jpg

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From what it said on the packing this strain is a 40% #sativa 60% #indica. Should be 9 to 10 weeks from #seed. Should grow between 60-140 cm or about 4 feet give or take. Outdoor grow should produce from 70 -160 grams which is awesome for 10 weeks I think. I'll be happy with the 70 grams ;D each. This a a #NoName cross with a ruderalis. What I'm wondering is what type of favor this strain is going to be like.


I wasted no time in drop 3 of these ladies into a napkin. I would have liked to use all 5 but I think with these 3 am going to be short on space. Am limited on my balcony. I want to use 15 liter pots which take up space. I also have to put up some type of barrier to keep the cats away. I would like to add a net to the sides of the pots but am not sure yet. I have a day or 2 to think of something. This is going to be a budget #grow. Am getting soil from a store close by (el chino) because seen am going to be using bottle supplements I really don't care what the is like as long as it soil and not that coco looking like soil. That stuff will dry of to fast cause you to have to water a lot. I'll post some photo when I buy it. we're not at that point yet. 18372_blue-roots_grand-daddy-purple_v222.jpg

20190712_135621.jpg 20190712_135722.jpg

I'll be updating this #budgetgrow every step of the way using the #budgetgrow hashtag or you could hit that follow button. I can't wait to see how these ladies turn out. I plan to use General Hydroponics FloraNova which I have used in the past and you just can't go wrong with it. More then likely I'll have to get CAg/Mag but I'll hold off on buying that till I see signs I might need it. I will also be using Superthrive which just helps with all around growth. I said this wasn't going to be an organic grow but am not going to over feed. In most case's I'll use a bit less then what it said I should be using.

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Cya later and smoke on. You can also find me at On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit #growyourown
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Thanks for the share! I have read about good genetics & potency from Medicalseeds. I am interested in further updates & started following you. Best of luck for your girls!


Man, you just made my day! I was thinking I made a good pick but this just gave me some motivation.

Late welcome to

Great articles so far that I’ve seen! Keep them coming!


Thanks, I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.