@tecnosgirl has a super power - aka Solo Cup final weight

in #grow
2 years ago

Hi all! I waited until the limbs snapped. Took about 4 days or so of drying.


Here's the final weight. @tecnosgirl, I honestly just went back and checked your comment in the previous post after getting all these photos together (took them last night). And wow!!! Just wow.

I know it wasn't an official contest, but I'm sending some smoke your way for such an accurate guess.


This batch actually smells nicer than the previous large harvest of Peach Puree CBD. I think because I didn't initially dry out the first batch enough before jarring.





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Decent yield from a solo cup grow! :D


Thanks! I'm definitely going to do it again. Unfortunately, these last few grows are my last for the time being. My lease is up soon so no use starting anymore grows. Plus, I have enough bud now to last me several months. Probably 6. And I already gave away a good bit. I still have a couple of ounces of both Peach Puree CBD (1st grow) and Purple Orange CBD. Plus the recent harvests.


More than decent, I'd say! ;)

I'm really impressed! @tecnosgirl should be called miss cannabis 😊

You shouldn't be surprised at what @tecnogirl does or says.
She and Mary Jane are 5&6 😁

Awesome! Not a bad yield at all. The buds look fire too. Congrats on your grow.

Nice guess tecnosgirl!


Loving that my current voting power gives around 4.20 SMOKE. lol

That is freaking awesome and that is awesome that my guessimate was right on.

Awesome grow.

The buds look pretty good.

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