Solo Cupdate #1 - Solo Cup Challenge - Day 8 since sprout - 11 since planting

in #grow
6 months ago

Here's a video update for my Solo challenger :)

She's doing just fine. Though now I'm hoping I don't end up regretting my choice of medium. lol

I'm loving this! And already can't wait for the next one! haha!

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Great update..
Can't wait to finish this contest so I can copy some of the top yielder as I have no knowledge in grow. Awesome thing is most of the people have updates. Keep em posted, might be yours I copy.
Good luck


I would have to say if you are going to grow dont flower in solo cup lol

Excellent.... Subscribed to your YouTube a Channel.

I am really enjoying seeing this competition grow.... Dad joke.

I think that it would be great if at the end all participants did a summary of their processes to help others understand what worked and what didn't.

The solocup looks good but it is unfortunate that i couldnt view the video, don't know what went wrong though.

your plant have sprouted well man, great job...I guess you're doing an out door grow from what i see from you video?

sweet! Good luck bro!

my favorite substrate is cocs...!!
ibut i also like soil/torf combi for first 10 days :)

The plant is looking good so far!

How do you post videos? Im having a hell of a time posting regular pics.