SOLO Cup Challenge Update: Day 34 - Starting to get really fun now!

2 years ago

The buds have really grown a lot since last update. Looks like the growth has completely shifted away from leaves and toward growing buds. Nutrients continue to get sucked out of the leaves as they yellow and fall off.

Watering/ Feeding
The tape around the sides of the cup seems to be holding up and definitely keeps the moisture in for longer, but I'm still having to water every day and am testing out watering/feeding twice a day now.

During flowering, I've only been using Advanced Nutrients organic Iguana Grow. It's meant to be used with a zillion and one other Advanced Nutrients products, but I got sick of all the measuring and am keeping it simple.

Lower leaves are definitely dying, but bud growth seems to be pretty good.





#solocup #solocupchallenge

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They're on their way now - next the pistols drying... then the thickening :)

Man this is coming along so nice, How just how is that girl not root bond and dieing lol

Look amazing. Great fricking job...

Great job man! Im cutting my Steem contender down in a few days, check it out here. Ill get a smoke one up soon.


Those look delicious!!

This is one really nice solo cup plant, with great buds already.

Love each new update.

Very impressive. Truly demonstrates the resilience of the cannabis plant.

Very healthy and nice grow. You should be on the list of top players of this game.

oh very nice day 34 and it looks great

woah! That last picture, super cool!!

Wow, she's such a beauty!

Sweeeeeet!! That is incredible. Total plant envy!! Keep it up.