Solo Cup Challenge Update - day 17

5 months ago

Hey everyone! Apologies for the low energy, but I am pretty behind on sleep these past few days :( And it's already 1:30 am again! haha. Oh well! You know what they say ... Sleep is for suckers! Kidding. Ok. Here's the update:

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Your plant are really doing well and they look very good and beautiful keep up the good work.

Your plants are doing great man...they seems very healthy to standout in the challenge


Thanks! Trying make a plan now. I think I'm going the risky route. Going to top it and let it get to 12 inches before flowering. Challenge!! haha


They look really healthy and nicely groomed.

Looking good..

That's great man... It is like some of the leaves are becoming yellowish


Thank you! And yes. I mentioned that in the video. Those are some seedlings I started before I knew I was going to do the solo cup challenge. They need to be re potted, but I don't have room for them in my flowering tent :( So I need to get some small pots to transplant them into. Give them some tlc

Coming along really nicely!

Awesome! Looking great for Day 17, will be cheering on your Peach Puree CBD entry!


Thank you!!

Wow, they´ve grown now!

Looking great. That’s incredible growth in 17 days. I will post mine but not much to see.

Some of my plants are drooping too.... not sure what the issue is.

they are too beautiful resmoked ,

The competition is on!

Nice garden mjgeek! Maybe those sad ones are a little over watered?

Maybe i missed out but what is the solocup challenge about?