Solo Cup Challenge Update - Day 10 since flip to flower

2 years ago

I didn't get a closeup, but there are a few pistils showing.

The leaves on this one are looking way more "sativa" than the previous seed I grew.


And here it is 2 nights ago! After she didn't get water for 2 nights :( I've had so much going on recently, I just forgot to ask my wife to water


But fortunately, she bounced back quickly after a feed. Lots of lower leaves got damaged, but it gave me a chance to defoliate.




#solocupchallenge #solocup

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Looking strong. A little cluttered towards the bottom middle but nothing some pruning can't fix.


Thanks! There were a bunch of leaves down there that didn't survive. They were pretty easy to pull off. But I'll take the scissors to her soon.

wow just wow, That thing is a monster lol, looks healthy as well congrats man



Nice save. Wow


That was close for sure! thanks!

looks like dehydration benefited her...maybe stressed her. Look into what she is turning to...


Maybe I found a new stress technique. haha. I'll be happy if it doesn't cause it any serious issues later on.

Amazing, so healthy after suffering, that´s a strong strain

Its looking like a little bonsai now that is been trimmed up 😁

wow nice bounce back!! So the previous seed you grew was the same strain?


Yes. Same strain, but it must've been more indica dominant. This strain was supposed to be low in THC, but the last harvest was definitely not low in THC. It's stronger than most of the THC strains I've tried here. I guess that one was a rarer pheno

Looking good I hope mine look that good when I flip


Thanks! I'm just going to try to stay consistent. I'm learning a lot from my marigold plant too. As long as I am consistent and keep it fed at least every other day, it's fine. I'm
just hoping I can get some big buds! haha.



Dude I got Marigolds down. I plant those and they go freaking wild crazy with growth. Matter of fact this year I got to thin them out when spring hits because they spread out way too much

That stalk is pretty thick good job man!!!!!



These are really nice

This is just amazing! Never in my dreams did I think you could grow so much in a small space.

good to see she bounced back fast, its a healthy plant no doubt