Solo Cup Challenge day 115 - Chop Day!

2 years ago

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I think we have a winner here... Nailed it...


Im thinking so too! Amazing right!

That's awesome, nice looking plant and buds - from a solo cup too, impressive. As a layman i'm guessing an ounce after dried, looking forward to seeing the weight.
Gonna be tasty, not long now :)

Nice structure. Not bad at all for a Solo.

It looks great! Congrats! It looks like a bunch for being in a solo cup. You’ll have to let us know the yield when it’s done curing.

Nice grow man, that is a killer solocup likely one the best i have saw

Guessing is hard with out knowing how dense lol.

Looking good, my guesstimate is you are gonna get 17.3 grams from that. (IDK really know but it looks like it is just over a half.)


I am 100% not kidding. You hit the nail exactly on the head. Check the latest post.


My secret super power lol


That sounds pretty close to me.


I am looking forward to seeing how close my guess is.

Amazing growth for such a small pot

I wish i could join one

Nice work



Really good work. :-) strong high

Amazing what you have accomplished in that small cup. Hope it smokes well.


Thank you!