Purple Gorilla - day 41 - Super frosty and starting to go purple

2 years ago

Cloneville part 1

Of the first 4 strains I got from Cloneville in LA (Chem Dawg, Dosido, Purple Gorilla, and Sunset Sherbet), only Purple Gorilla and Sunset Sherbet have survived.

This is a quick update on Purple Gorilla

It was one of the more robust plants from the start, and along with Sunset Sherbet, didn't seem to have a problem with the powdery mildew.

Unfortunately, this was my first experience with transplanting clones, and I really shocked all of them pretty badly. They needed a lot more time to stabilize in the veg room. They ended up being super skinny and spindly.

But fortunately, they recovered enough to produce some nice buds.

closeup of Purple Gorilla - day 41 flowering

Trichomes are looking very white and cloudy. hopefully lots more time to get bigger!


I can't wait to try this!

#purplegorilla #cloneville #growupdate

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Damn those buds look like they are gonna be crazy fire! Super trichome coverage. Bud structure looks brilliant.

Despite struggles initially occurred, these are starting to look really nice. For only 6 weeks those trichomes are looking awesome already.

What’s their required growth time?


I think one of the initial problems might have been that it was still technically in flower when I moved it to the flowering tent. All 4 had sprouted pistils. B/c it does seem like more than 40 days.

8 to 9 weeks is what the website says:

Man these are looking quite nice still even with any issue you did have.

You guy in California are lucky able buy good strains as clones.

Dude that looks so frosty it's outta this world! Nice work! It's hard to imagine it struggled to make a come back.


“Did anybody see the nugs in my trichomes?

They definitely are starting to go purp! I can't imagine how beautiful those flowers would look with some more purp in there, looks super yummy!

Wow... those are amazing. Well done.

I just love the close-up of that Purple Gorilla, saw all those amazing trichs and they are amazingly beautiful and the pistils are so alive and kicking, LOl!

Looks stunning damn nice. I wonder if you're gonna be satisfied with outcome. Will you go for more clones later or stay on seeds?


I have a dilemma now b/c I'm probably moving in the next few months. So at this point, i'm sort of buttoning up for a transfer.

And I already have clones of these 2 going. 2 purple Gorilla and 2 Sherbet. They are the 2 that did the best.

It's all up in the air now, but I know I'll at least finish this one in the pics. It's a wait and see for the clones.

I'm guessing it's too late now to spray them with coloidal silver? Try to get some seeds? That would actually be optimal.

I never heard of purple gorilla before but it looks killer.

Damn that is some ridiculous looking chronic. I wish I could enjoy some.

Purple gorilla looks tasty...

Love the frost :)

What light are you using? :)