Lemon Cake and Master Yoda - flushed and chopped

in #grow
2 years ago

Lemon Cake (left) and Master Yoda (right).

It's crazy how strong the lemon smell is from Lemon Cake. Before cutting and hanging, it was a faint lemon after scent with the main smell being a super sharp burnt rubber funk.

Currently, the lemon cake is overpowering everything with its herbal lemon smell. It almost like a health food store (if you're familiar).

The Master Yoda on the other hand smells exactly like what I remember the "krippy kush" strain from Florida smelling like. Definitely the more pleasant smell by a mile.

More pics coming in the next few days.


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I would like to try this master yoda some day.


The smell is so pleasant. Pleasant lemon / pine smell. I really can't wait to try it.

Master Yoda is a great name for bud lol can't lie!

Also, I've actually had some Krippy Kush! Go figure haha. I'm living in FL for now, so ofc we've got some weird strains around here that seem to not really be in many other places.

Considering how amazing FL would be for growing, with our excessive sunshine and longer growing seasons (for all crops, not just bud), I honestly can't fucking wait to get my first outdoor plants going and see how they flourish!
Definitely let us know how they smoke when they're all ready to go! Always love seeing how the grows turn out, in terms of smokeability.