Grow Update: Shots of Purple Orange CBD Curing Plus a Trip to the Grow Store

6 months ago

Good evening, Smoke Fam!

I hope everyone is good!

Tonight I took a few shots of the Purple Orange CBD. It's only been curing for a day or so, but I am having a hard time leaving it alone! lol.

I like bushy and hairy buds!

I really think buds that are kind of rough trimmed like this are so much prettier than the ones that are shaved down to little conical nuggets with so much of the delicious trichomes and orange hairs lost.



I did trim a few buds all the way down, and they are beautiful too!

This Morning's Haul from the Grow Store

It's not "Paid with Smoke", but I did pay with bitcoin via my bitpay card.

Coco coir, clay balls, humidity pack, and new flood trays.

These flood trays are super strong and sturdy b/c of the corrugation. They don't bend. I can put the plants in and tilt the whole tray forward so all the water ends up pooling at one end. Then it's easy to pull out all the water when I'm finished.

I can fit 3 of them in my 2x4 tent, and 2 of them in my veg space. So when a tray is ready in the veg space, I pull it out and carry it right into the flowering tent. I've done up to 4 per tray, but I'll probably end up sticking with either 2 or one plant per tray.


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Nice looking buds mate, you have more self control than me I would smoke those nugs now, Lol. bong on bro. :-)

Curious where did you get the seeds from or did you get it from a clone? I'm looking for ACDC seeds, but only finding ACDC in clone form so bought ACDC/NYC Diesel cross seeds :)


Seeds were from Purple Orange CBD by Dinafem.

And I haven't seen ACDC for sale either. I wish I could give you my seeds lol. My hermie ACDC made a zillion of them

That first image is pretty cool!

Bushy and hairy are perfect words to describe how they look.

Let it cure longer 😂


Oh yes! But it is hard to keep from sampling along the way :) But there's more than enough.

Looking good now, That flower is curing up really nicely that us for sure.

Bitpay they won't let us have one here in Canada.

Great post man, buds look delicious and healthy! BitPay card is a heaven send haha use mine all of the time :)