Getting in shape for the holidays! Grow Update plus bonus super stealth Smoke promo

7 months ago

AK47 Update
This is the Afghan Kush that was once struggling pretty badly. Then it seemed to turn into the Hulk. And started growing too fast!

I took some cuttings to make clones. Then a couple of days later, did some pretty rough super cropping.

Now, we wait for it to bush out and move it to the flowering tent.


Super Stealthy promo

Last time I tried to share Smoke on Reddit, I got downvoted pretty bad. I suppose I sort of understand? If they aren't super critical, the whole thing would probably be spam.

So I decided to go the more subtile route.

/r/microgrowery is one of the subreddits I still enjoy. I went ahead and posted to /r/trees as well.

Hopefully we get some interest and more Smokers!

#smoke #promo #reddit #trees #microgrowery

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She really stretched... Just look at those inernodes.


Right?!! I mean. And the thickness of the main stem/ stalk was pretty out of control. Probably because of maybe lack of light or lack of a specific color of light? I'm using mostly CFLs. Like 6 of them.


Try to get the lights closer. Even as close as 2 inches is fine if you have a fan blowing over and in between... Is this in a box or just in a room? a lot of light is escaping away if it's not an enclosed area... Or try to up your game with reflectors... Or just get a 125w CFL (6500k) that will do the veg job better than fine.


I think CFL has enough blue spectrum so just boost lights as @thecodelion mentioned.

So I decided to go the more subtile route.

Yeah man, including it in the background of real content instead of posting what appears to be referral links as the content would probably go down better.

That said, you could be posting each of your smoke article links to reddit. That might require specific sub mods to whitelist (or manually approve) the links.


Very true! Hopefully they get to know smoke and not immediately remove links.

Also.. 4.20!!

This looks really good for homemade. Top


Best christmass tree yet!

Way to get festive! I will Be decorating my tree too soon 😉