Flowering Tent Update - ACDC, Peach Puree CBD, AK47, and Purple Orange CBD

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2 years ago

Good morning, Smoke and happy Monday!

AC/DC is Almost Dry

The acdc is just about dry now. It's been hanging in a dark bag for 3 days, and is now in a cardboard box.

It smells amazing! I can't wait to try it.

Peach Puree CBD - Day 47 of flower

I'm guessing there's probably about 2 to 3 weeks left for this one, but it looks amazing. This thing is SO frosty! And smells like a basket of peaches sitting next to a gas can. Wow is this thing getting chunky. I'm super excited to see how much this will yield.

AK-47 and Purple Orange CBD - Day 6 of flower

I finally ditched the string trellis! I made one the first time, but then ended up buying some from the grow store. It was so hard to work with! So frustrating.

I'm so glad I lucked into this metal grill that fits perfectly on 2/3 of the grow. This is day and night easier to work with! Seriously. If you have a choice, go with something like this, or make your own trellis. The ones with a pvc frame and very tight string seem like they would be easy to work with as well.

Anyhow. These 2 plants are kind of hard to tell apart here, but if you look at the shape of the leaves, you can see that the AK47 is the one on the left, and the Purple Orange CBD is on the right.

That's it for now! Hope everyone is either growing or will be growing soon!


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OMGosh!!!! Look at those trichomes!!!

Let me know how the AC/DC is? I've been thinking of trying to get some seeds for a future grow


I know! This is way more than anything I've grown yet. I'll have to see how the effects are when it's finished, but I'm really glad I took a clone from this one.

Very nice pics. Good smoke

This is so beautiful.

wow good work nice post.your plant really nice..

Seems like you have a big interest in CBD strains. Also big interest of mine. I plan on making some really strong CBD+THC oil for a friend who has cancer to help with pain. I find it sad that so many people get addicted to pain killers when they could have stayed off opiate-based pain killers in the first place by using CBD+THC oil. Nice work!

nice cbd strains... i would love to get suzieq strain!!
but Burning Bush Nurseries stoppeed their work i think or got busted :(((

Wow, my goodness! Such beautiful thing to see and looking so healthy alone by just seeing those leaves, so rich in green as if they are so crispy! Can´t wait to be back home... I wish I could grow already.

Bloody corkers man!!
Can't believe the nugs on the peachy :D