2 Hour Time Lapse: From dying to thriving after a feeding

2 years ago

I grew this marigold in a solo cup for about 3 months.

I brought it inside about a week or 2 ago, and it's been super happy in the sunlight... Until I forget to feed it!

Since the cup is so small, it requires feeding about every other day. And as soon as it starts to get hungry, it quickly starts to wilt.

Let it go for the rest of the day, and it looks like it's dying.

The first time it happened, it was a lot worse looking, and recovered completely after a feeding.

It happened again yesterday, so after feeding, I set up a quick time lapse and recorded for about an hour and a half to 2 hours.

By the way, I considered putting this into off topic, but thought it might be helpful for our #solocupchallenge contestants.

-- Bud

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Beautiful! I love the regenerative powers of plants - plenty of TLC coming in with the shimmering light and your care too, by the looks of it :)

That is totally awesome!! I have never seen a plant recover in such a short period of time. What did you feed it exactly after you noticed it was dying?


I just use Advanced Nutrients Iguana Grow. Nothing else at the moment.

About 3 ml per liter. It's extremely stinky stuff, but it's pretty easy.


I found out your secret! Lol


You rock!! Thank-you!!!

Is this a marygold companion plant?


It was, but then I learned that they aren't good companion plants. haha. That and it got way too big for my little veg space.

It's in the window now, and doing surprisingly good.

lol I totally thought it was a bud plant.

Very neat to see.

Yeah it’s amazing how a plant recovers. When I first started growing I used to go ape shit, but now it’s not so much of a big deal