Moon Magic – Grow Your Cannababies With the Number 63!

10 months ago
I was going to write about my plans for the 5th of April when the new moon enters Aries which makes it a wonderful time for some moon magic concerning anything you would like to see growing quick but steady. The universe never makes any mistakes and so @indica asked for a cannabis spell below my latest post. Perfect! A spell! Hadn't thought about it! So, let's do it. In this post, you can learn
  • How to come up with your own spells and hexes
  • What moon magic is &
  • How we can use it for our Cannababies

What is moon magic?

Ancient Mayans did it, modern Mayans like Kekchi and Mopan are still doing it, Pagans and Wiccans did and do it, ancient Greek and Romans wrote about it, … it's simply the age-old idea of living according to the moon's cycle and using her energy for witchcraft.
The influence of the moon can even be observed like when the full moon draws sap up from the roots to the leaves or changes the tides.

Easy as 1,2,3 …

Look at the moon, describe what it's doing and relate it to … WHATEVER!
New moons initiate. The cycle of the moon and whatever you want to start growing. New moon rituals are done during the morning or day time. This is what we will be doing on the 5th of April.

Waxing moons support growth, planning and manifesting. They can be used to manifest or simply second your new moon ritual. In this wonderful new cycle, the new moon in Aries is followed by a waxing moon in Taurus, a perfect day for replanting. So, if you have some plants inside that you want to get out, the 7th of April should be best.

A full moon is the summit of the cycle and about perfection and completion, waning moons are for healing, letting go, removal and disposal.
Easy as that. Just become the ocean, basically.

How can we use it for our Cannababies?

As I said, the 5th of April will be perfect for our ritual. If you want to learn more about moon phases and which sign is best for what, follow me on steem where I host the steemoon calendar.

A moon in Aries is an ascendant moon, not to be confused with a waxing moon, combined with its power, however, it is perfect for sowing plants that grow upwards. Root vegetables grow better when you sow them while the moon is waning. Aries is a fruit day also. And since we love big buds and cannot lie: That's our man, right here!

If you have sick plants, cut them this day. But for now, let the magic begin …

I often say: "All in our universe, as far as we can see, is frequency!" That's why I like using numbers and words the most. It's the easiest way for a human to check out frequencies. So, the first thing I did, when being asked for a spell was calculating the numerological value of the beautiful word cannabis, which is 63.

Perfect. I mostly use threes, sixes, and nines for my spells, so I was already happy to see this happen. I tried other related words and searched for a deity with the same number and came up with the following list:

Cannabis Seed966
Smoke!!!63 I told you, the universe makes no mistakes!9
Friday the 5th will be on a Friday639
New moon999

Easy as A, B, C, …

Egyptian God Thoth is for magic and also moon magic particularly. So, this deity perfectly suits us. Now, what I have to do is to come up with a spell that uses some of these words. And I want them to sum up to a total reduction of the number of refinement, 9. It is also the number of fertility (pregnancy) and many other useful trades for our case.

Cannabis, grow. In the name of Thoth, grow.
Turn into a godly oasis in which I'll smoke
what grew from this seed.
Divine plant, Cannabis, grow.

=540 = 9

We repeat the word "grow" three times, the focus should be clear, it adds up to nine. Feel free to come up with your own. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on …

The Ritual, 5th of April

Face east. Hold the seeds you are going to plant in your right hand in front of your heart and close your eyes. Focus. Concentrate on your heartbeat. Imagine those seeds in your hand, how the vibration of your heart moves the molecules within. See them sprouting in your mind. Imagine the sprout growing bigger and bigger and see it thriving. Keep this picture in mind while you start the spell. Since it's 9, you can repeat it as often as you like. It will always be 9 in the end. That's why I love using the 9. Now place the seeds on a sill where the moon shines through the window at night. Leave them there until tomorrow when we will be using the waxing moon to plant the seeds.

6th of April

Repeat the spell in your mind while sowing. If possible, face east while you're planting the seeds.

7th of April

Get your Cannababies out there if you started growing them inside. The 7th is an earth day (Taurus). That's when you should transplant.

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Thanks for sharing your cannabis spells, I how others can make use of them for a more fruitful ganja harvest 👍


no, thank you for the inspiration! :)

So interesting. I wish I could grow. Well, If I ever move It will be 25 miles away from a dispensary so I can grow


are you going to move? Searching for a flatmate with growing experiences? A witch that can curse everyone who's mean to you? Like your Ex??? ; )

I have seen a number of spells and ways spells are used. But this is a first for me. Canna spells. Love it.


I like to come up with my own, mostly. I don't trust a spell I haven't calculated. :D


How did you come up with this?



I explain it in this post! xD


I didn't understand it so well. Im shit in math XD


let's deepen this chat on discord …