Growth in Spartan Conditions. Day 105. Flowering Day 39

10 months ago

Hello dear friends. Today is exactly 15 weeks since the emergence of my healing weed. I think that the last week is ahead, and then the harvest. Now I water the weed with exceptionally clean, filtered water. Already more than half of the hairs are dark in color, which means the matter is nearing completion. Observe how the branches lean, they become so heavy that they cannot be straight. Next time you will need to think about their sustainability. I just could not hope for Spartan conditions and did not think that the weed would grow so well.
Today I took a picture of a weed and got an electric shock from a lamp without a case, touched the side where the LEDs are soldered and felt a strong burning, it's about 80-90 Volts, so be careful with such homemade products))

Thanks to all the readers of my blog. I wish you good health and great harvests.

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Those are some heavy top Kolas @maxstrell must be all that sparkling resin weighing it down. Beautiful flowers man!


Thanks bro, these buds are really very resinous

Brother, when you were shocked, you were sober. Hehe. I'm glad that soon the harvest.


Ha ha ha Yes, my friend, there is simply not enough space in boxing and when I tried to direct the camera, the current stung me. A week is left and ready, I hope the branches do not break.


Do not break, the stems are strong in the plant.

Soooooooooooooo pretty


:DI will hold another week on flowering