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7 months ago

Hey Smoke family today I will be sharing the two mammoth plants I have growing in my backyard. thse two ladies started their lives in february indoors but after some technical difficulties they were moved outside with several others. Of the ones that I put outside these two have become HUGE, while the other ones were overshadowed. I have already harvested the smaller plantes which i think thanks to the shade from the big gals, started flowering far earlier.

Budding from the bottom up


So both of these ladies have started their flowering from the lowest branches upwards. I usually see the opposite in my indoor grow so it was quite interesting to see them grow nugs on the lowest branches first. It is probably because those branches are shaded first and also get the nutrients because they are closer to the ground. These are some smart plants. check out how both of them have nearly mature nugs on the bottom whilst the upper parts have barely started flowering

These girls are HUGE!

Oldest girl

Both of these plants are at least 7 feet tall. The oldest plant is over 10 feet tall and peeks over my 8-foot wall. Both plants came from the same bag seed that I collected off a pound of local grass. This outdoor grow is to show my friends on the farm's proper technique is what makes the difference from brown bullshit and green glory. African growers make a plethora of mistakes during the growing process that really effects the quality of the end product. My goal is to upgrade the status quota of my countries cannabis industry.

the little sister

Mites are monsters

This grow has been plagued with spider mites, but these plants have proven to be stronger than their pests. Initially was washing the bugs off with a hose but now the plant is so huge the water weighs it down. I have noticed that they aren't spreading as prolifically now but I would love any suggestions as to how I can kill the buggers while my plants are in flowering. I know they are strong enough to last until the end but id like to get rid of most of these pests as soon as possible.

These plants are slow growers

Both of these ladies have been taking their time to grow. I surmise that this is attributed to the Sativa genetics that is most common in Africa. I started both plants in February and moved them over to the outside in March. This experience has been the longest grown that I have dealt with ever, I guess that why the plants are so large. It's my first grow outside so I am excited to continue watching these gals grow into maturity. I suspect there are going to be some huge colas on these two gals soon.

here is a pic of them back in august

Stay tuned for future updates


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Oh my LORD!
I don't think I have ever seen such a tall plant before in my life! I am impressed! The main stem looks like a tree's stem, not a cannabis plant's!


I am super proud of these little ladies, they have really blown away my expectations, Ill be moving to a larger property soon so I hope to grow a whole family of mammoths. They really like the soil here, this size is 100% organic with 0 added nutrients or other growth/pest help.

Dude what a nice looking tree! For mites you would have to go to the Hydro store to get something decent and spray only when expecting high wind so the buds can dry out. This is the type of thing I would use - natural based. You can use it up to 2 weeks before harvest. https://www.google.ie/search?q=anarak+off+pest+control&num=50&safe=off&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=3qS3U1nN5XvUQM%253A%252CM2XXYyKjwPQHUM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kRyZVWhhfHUevbCzuoRy2p5A8AfzA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjoq7f96onfAhVKCMAKHQGeAlsQ9QEwAnoECAAQBg#imgrc=3qS3U1nN5XvUQM:


Sadly I live in Africa, where ignorance has made it so the garden supply shops only stock conventional pesticides and there is 0 hydroponic shops. The gardening scene here is still stuck in the dark ages, folks dont even use compost, they go out and buy bags of fertilizer...

setting up my indoor grow too me importing most of what i needed, I guess maybe when the money from my industrial grown comes in ill start educating my fellow farmers in the proper methods of growing plentiful organic happy plants

Wow that are beautys. Nice grow!

That's some huge monster plants you got going on @masterroshi 😮

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of them closer to harvest time!

Whoa! It is so tall... I can´t believe your baby is growing that big! Here´s to lots of harvest , CHEERS !!!


i am truly excited to see her yield and share the final cut with you all!

Wow.... these are incredible.

Your yard must be more lovely with these plants 🌿👍


indeed, my dog loves using this part of the yard as his chill spot because of the shade these weed trees make!