Nugs so fat they are drooping

5 months ago

Hey fellow cannabinoids, today i want to share with you all some of my Hydroponic nugs that are nearing the final few weeks of growth.

These three ladies have grown such strong nugs that the stems are drooping and I am using a string to support them in their late weeks. I'm so happy the nugs have grown so huge, I can't wait for the final results.

The strains that these three plants represent are Lemon haze OGxWiddow and Some African bag seed.

Of all the plants the Bag seed has produced the biggest and stickiest plant! I am astonished at its growth. It looks like it is a heavily Sativa strain with some HUGE colas and is the tallest plant in the garden. I guess that goes to show gems are usually found inside the most unlikely places :)
IMG_20181230_115622 (1).jpg

#growlog #nugporn #garden

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Buds so fat they need strings is a good problem to have:-)


indeed Im so happ my ladies ar getting plump!!

All the plants are really doing great and also looking good, you are really doing a good job keep it.


Big Buds! good problem to have haha i like the string idea even you can use a stick with a zip tie i like to stick up the colas early so the plant sends even more energy to the buds instead of energy to the stalks to support the buds Help them Help you! Nice post

Idk I can't say i would complain about nugs that big

Those are some delicious looking nugs,...and the one from a bag seed, wow nice score!

This is what I would call a good problem! but looks like you have things under control with a bit of string..

Nice looking droopers!

Wow dude, very nice, they look deadly! Love the way they hang! What nutes are you on?


I currently am just using the basig General Hydroponics Flora series nutrients. My next go around will me with the GH Maxi series of powdered nutrients. I hear its great for the kratky method of growing that i use.


Add silicone for the next round, stems are much stronger to hold heavy buds and makes plant grow faster, best form of it is Sililic acid - dont go for the cheap one. Then buds will be even bigger. Im impresed what youve done w krotky, im afraid what would became from them if you added an airstone..


ill surely try the sililic acid it sounds like a great additive. I had an airstone in some of them but it was causing crazy PH swings so i took it out and the ladies seemed to love that.


Very interesting, Im having simillar issues with my bananas, they keep droping the ph down to 4.5 in 2 days, never tought to remove the airstone, il give it a go.
Also silicone has to be added to the water first, otherwise it will bound to other elements. Good stuff dude.

Nice! We all want to see that happening in the end, tie them up eheh ! :)

Wow. Just look at that beautiful green on it. I bet its gona be an awesome smoke when the are done.

The secret I rarely tell people is to look for silica supplements for your plants, it will make your plant bend without breaking. I will go from celery stock that snaps to a piece of rubber that bends with no problems. Silica also helps protect against bugs and powder mildew because it thickens the cell walls of the plants while adding flexibility.