There is a cat on my indoor!!! Growing, growing, growing!!!

29 days ago

Hey friends!! Here I leave you the last review of my indoor. I am too happy with the LED lamp, I see that plants are growing very well, I bit slow, but with good rithm.

Today I have had to go to review because I dont do it since a few days. I am impressed with the good state of the crop in the conditions it is. The strong cold makes the plants growing abitter slow, but they are absorbing the humidity of the warm water and it makes they can grow better.

My cat Zeus was interested on the state of grow and have make the review with me. He said that when I will crop the grow I must to give him a 35% of the crop. I know is a cat, but I am no one to forbid him to enjoy the good weed. I have a stoner cat.

I hope you have enjoy this post!!! Vote and comment!! An so many thanks to make possible the growing of this network!! Never give up!







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Thanks to @li-art for the finish image and thanks all of you for your support!!

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These are looking super dank man, cats love the cannabis plant for sure

Great grow mate, sorry for not curating in time


Dont worry friend!! Thank you so much for keeping in mind!! 🧡☺☺☺

We have a black lab (only 7 months old) and she LOVES going into my grow room and peeking at the plants. She's never tried to eat them but she is very curious. I keep a close eye on her in there.