The Covid Crop! 🍀👽

7 months ago

Hey friends of smoke!! Here I am taking some photos of my crop!! I am too anxious for harvest them!! I love the purple colour of the Kalini Asia strain! You too? Jeje I hope all is good another side of the screen.

Here I keave you the latest photos of my indoor crop!! I hope you enjoy this!

Thanks for view!!







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Thanks to @li-art for the finish image and thanks all of you for your support!!

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Great Pics & Looking Good!

Its looking ok my man. Although I hate to be the bearer of bad news😪 ok so here it is the damage you see on the leaves are from thrips, you can even see little white bugs. They're not very big and like to live on the underside of the leaves. They can be kill pretty easily however. So check on the underneath and if you see small almost worm looking bugs those are the larvae. The adults are slightly bigger and can fly albeit very terribly lol. I wish you luck my friend in fixing your issue.


Thank you so much for the advice friend! I am trying to solve this issue since some weeks.. I will keep informed.. Do you think with proneem I can make this crop saved?


Its not wise to spray flowering plants with anything as it cause adverse effects. With thrips being easy to take care of i would look into what temperatures they do not like or it may be an issue of keeping the soil to wet to often and letting the pots dry out more between waterings. They lay eggs in top layer of soil if im remembering correctly. If so than demetrius earth might help your issue.

Wow . Spectacular Grow and Photography.... upsmoked and resmoked.


Thank you so much friend!!👽


Keep posting stuff like this and you will have 1 million Smoke.

awesome :)

This is really great... Great strain you've got in there...