09/05. Started the outdoor growing season!! STRAIN: MOBYDICK X CHURCH

3 months ago

For the moment we have started to germinate 8 seeds of this variety this first week of May. We will wait until they have germinated all to pass them to their pots.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-09 at 14.08.49.jpeg

For growth I will use 5 plastic pots of 11L. Then I will use 3 15L fabric pots. In total I will use about 8 or 9 seeds. I guess this variety will be growing until June or July and then in flowering until October or November to be regular seeds.

As you can see in the calendar, day 18 is a full moon and it is the recommended way to carry out the planting.


The flow of sap is concentrated in the branches when the moon is full. As the days pass and the moon travels to its hidden phase, the plants concentrate the flow of sap at their roots. Knowing this is key to know when to perform the necessary operations in our plants.

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I also grow mine with the moon calendar. I grow everything with it, basically and I disagree about the full moon since it is waning right after. That would be a good time to plant seeds of plants that grow downward. Like bet, carrots and such. For plants with leafs that grow upward, a waxing moon is the time to choose. There are even more things to consider. Like is it an earth day and such … Maybe you should check out my blog every once in a while where I write about it.


Thanks for comment friend! I'll keep it in mind