harvest time? hurry and cut them under the rain !

7 months ago

good afternoon dear smokers ,

wowsuch a day ! was raining and now snowing , i forgot to cut my buds,,,,
so hurryyyy and cut them . they are getting dry inside , i must did it week ago ..

as i failed in the previous grow, seeds didn't grow ,i ordered some new seeds , will have them in Saturday , (ordered but not Online :D )

will see in this week if i can be successful to grow in my next try .

i wish i knew what strain is , they are wild grow ,








if you want to have this design with your name , just let me know . 🙋🏻

see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive smoke.io

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#cannabis #harvest

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A Wild Grow Is Better Than No Grow! You have the bug @li-art! Looking forward to see what transpires in the next few months.


yeah! @toker i will have new seeds tomorrow 🤗

lol, nice one, still needs to cure before smoking though eh?


😂 yes they are still a little wet