Sunday visiting friends

11 months ago

I spent today with a good friend, he is not into crypto or into posting in forums, so I took a few pictures to show you guys how he cuts it

Ed Rosenthal (Indica Pheno) --Sensi Seeds Amsterdam-- (65% Indica/35% Sativa) Afghanis x North Indian x Thai x African x Mexican x Jamaican

These girls have been flowering for two weeks after 4 weeks veg on 11ltrs pots

Internode distance is very short making her a very productive strain

Beautiful structure, isn't it?

LA Confidential --DNA Genetics-- (100% Indica) OG LA Affie x Afghani

Also, 2 weeks flowering after 4 weeks veg and 11 ltr pots

Sage N Sour --T.H. Seeds-- (75% Sativa) Sour Diesel x SAGE

These girls are in the 5th-week flowering after two weeks of veg, growing on 8 Ltrs root pouches(highly recommended)

Night Terror OG --Rare Dankness Genetics USA-- (70% Indica/30% Sativa) Blue Dream x Rare Danknes #1

These ones came out quite tall....also on 5th-week flower after 2 weeks veg growing on 8 Ltrs Root Pouches

That's it for today....will keep you updated

#grow #indoors #indica #sativa #hibryd

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¡Dios mío! Esas son cosas hermosas. ¿Está tu amigo creciendo también en Granada? Lol!


Hey !! i saw your Granada post, that was good......if you are going to be in Spain for a while you should check Spannabis ( in Barcelona and even better Expogrow in Irun( great fun, you get to meet the seed companies all the new tech stuff....lots of fun, and you get to visit two beautifull cities ;-)


Very well, it might be interesting to do that.. we live in our 2nd home in Andalucia half year to escape cold Central Europe. That would be fun to do.Thanks for that nice info.

Amazing grow! How long have you been growing for? Part of a cannabis club?


That one belongs to a good friend ;-) Am over 50, first seed i put on the ground i was 15, and i still learn something new everyday about this holy plant


we cant stop learning from this plant :DDD

very nice indeed ,i guess he uses HPS 400 as light source ?


600W ;-)

They look amazing...he is doing great!

WOW just.....WOW

Wow very nice growroom.

yooo this is looking really good!!! hope you get a good crop!