Sunday (Update 6) Last shots before Harvest

last year

The Ed Rosenthal and LA Confidential strains are almost ready. They have been just on water for the last 12 days more or less. Yellowing in the Ed Rosenthal is almost at 100%, not the case with the LA Confidential, in any case, I will be checking the trichomes see if I can give her some more time.

LA Confidential

The La Confidential, for my set up, probably 2 weeks instead of the 4 weeks vegging would have been fine, as she can grow tall and many of the nugs at the lower side of the plant will not pack up as they should. In any case, top buds are hard as rocks and covered with trichomes


Ed Rosenthal

The Ed Rosenthal is the Indica Feno, and it has nothing in common with the Sativa Feno, smell is totally on the Lemon side, structure is small, very suited for a minimum of 4 weeks veg and it is very productive, the size of some of the center buds is quite big and since I did a good pruning there is no waste, side branches are also packed and usable.


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I hope you have enjoyed it, if you have any doubts/questions or just want to show some love, hit me here


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That´s plenty for harvesting. How would you be drying them? the natural way by hanging upside down or cutting down the buds and putting them in nets to dry ?


I use a curing net after trimming them, they are specially made for it ;-)

Wow man those buds are awesome, those babies are going to blow your socks off mate. Enjoy the fruits of your labor my friend, bong on bro. :-)

Dude, what a treat for eyes! They look stunning. Amazing job with the training, I bet it was pain in the ass with restricted space there. Cool stuff! Are you using 1000 hps? Is it too hot to get the lights closer or this is just for pics? I was thinking that you were running light hoods?
p.s.- get some HPS glasses and take photos through them - babes would look truly beautifull with normal lighting, I see a lot of purples here and there...


Thanks bro !! nope am using 600w,I gave 4 weeks veg. that alongside the training and lolly popping is what makes the difference. I always keep the bulb at 40/50 cmtrs from the tops, I could probably get closer since am using hoods, it is an old habit on mine, 50 cmtrs for the first weeks of flower, then 40 cmtrs from the 6th onwards.


Mucho gusto senor! Oh no, dude you are spot on, looking at the pics I was under the impression that there is 1 meter between them. They really look beautiful man, you are doing an awesome job there. Love watching your grows, keep em up!

They look like an easy to trimm strain, am i right? A lot of work anyway hehe...Thats good!! I can smoke those sugar leaves :)