Sunday (update 3- The Aliens have landed)

5 months ago

It is that time again, Night Terror OG and Sage & Sour started the 8th week at the beginning of the week, so, it is time for a full flush, that means I will pour 3 times the capacity of the pot with water balanced at 6,2 PH, this is 24 liters per pot. After that I will feed them only with water, this is to ensure that the buds don't have anything else but plant goodness and enjoy that way the full flavors from each strain.

Also, it is a great opportunity to take a few photos on proper natural light, out the yellow HPS spectrum, and as you see these guys are looking like Aliens

Night Terror OG --Rare Dankness Genetics USA-- (70% Indica/30% Sativa) *Blue Dream x Rare Danknes #1

She is just full of big fat trichomes, very sticky and with a beautiful fruity smell.


Here they are back to their room, they will be checked every day or two with a microscope keeping an eye on the evolution of the Trichs until ready for harvest


Sage N Sour --T.H. Seeds-- (75% Sativa) Sour Diesel x SAGE

Not as sticky as the Night Terror, but she does have a beautiful Sour Diesel scent that gives me, even more urges to chop/dry/cure/smoke It


Another thing about the Sage & Sour is that she seems to be quiet more productive and easier to handle, as many of the smaller size plants are, also, there are no small buds so she is going to be very easy to trim


The other two strains:Ed Rosenthal and LA Confidential, are finishing the 5th week flower.
The fattening period is about to really kick in, EC will be going up to 1,8 which usually is the max I use, I ll also do a small flush at the beginning of the 6th and 7th week, it consists of giving the plant a normal dose of water mixed in with ferts al half dose(0,9 EC), Asides that the only change in what I use as ferts is the change to Advanced nutrients Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients Big Bud for the next two weeks.

**EC 1,8 **. PH 6,3. RH 50/60%, Temp 20/26

Ed Rosenthal (Indica Pheno) --Sensi Seeds Amsterdam-- (65% Indica/35% Sativa) Afghanis x North Indian x Thai x African x Mexican x Jamaican. Finishing 5th-week flower

She is giving me a bit of a hard time with her feeding, she seems to be hungrier than the LA Confidential, since I feed both from the same tank I am getting a bit more yellowing than usual, nothing too serious but it is there


LA Confidential --DNA Genetics-- (100% Indica) OG LA Affie x Afghani Finishing 5th week flower

Another very sticky and stinky strain as with the Night Terror the OG linage on them is very noticeable, those two could be cultivated in the same space, very similar shape and height and both eat more or less the same amount


That's it until next week, you can follow past episodes of this grow here:

Part 1
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Part 3

I hope you enjoy it


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I really hope you have a good burglar alarm or a dog who is protective of his plants! 🦇

I just checked Merriam-Webster and it showed that Night Terror OG photo below dank.

These aliens seems very healthy and active. Can blow anyone off. Lucky the aliens have found you.

This is a prime example of how one grow room should look alike... Clean, tidy, well organized, with strong genetics and not messing with numbers as EC, pH, temp and hum...
#Nugporn at the beginning of post is what happens when you take care of those things...

Great job!!


Thanks bro!!! Good genetics, love for the plants and patience is to me the key to successful growing.

Man these flowers are looking so dank. You are right that sage n sour is coming a long supper nice and has to be close to finishing.

That's some really high quality looking plants man, nice job!

Wow look at that setup! Those plants look gorgeous!!!
Following and look forward to updates.

Oh man oh man!!! Those trichs are beautiful! I wish I live near your place..... hahaha.. I can see how you grow your weeds and get a lot of tips from a master grower.

OMG, how many plants do you have? More than 30?

Upsmoked & Resmoked!


Thanks mate!!

I wonder if there is some kind of different between the produces content indoor and outdoor. Someone need to do some tests.


Good question!!!

It depends mainly on how well it is done. Since an indoor garden is a controlled environment you are giving the plant(if you know what you are doing) the best you can give her 24/7, this gives you an aesthetic advantage, all your buds are going to come out almost perfect as you had no rain, winds or any other climatological aspects bothering your plants.
Is the difference in smell, taste, and potency so big? not really if the outdoor Gardner knows what he is doing, as a matter of fact, best organic weed I ever tasted was outdoors

Very nice impressions and great result. I'm looking forward to the next update.

My first ever plant was a cross of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud so this post is very cool to me! Nice plants and photos!


wow! They look amazing!

Wow! This just makes me want to go on a seed shopping spree

What an great allien! Nice post deserved to give attention.