Sunday (update 2)

6 months ago

Hi guys!!
Let's have a look at the progress these 4 beautiful strains are doing,remember you have past updates from this post here: Part 1 and here Part 2

Two of the strains (Ed Rosenthal&LA Confidential) are in almost the 5th week flower, this week they are getting the first flush with a mix of water and nutrients at 0,8EC.
After that, next waterings for this week will be at **EC 1,6 **. PH 6,3. RH 60%, Temp 20/26

Ed Rosenthal (Indica Pheno) --Sensi Seeds Amsterdam-- (65% Indica/35% Sativa) Afghanis x North Indian x Thai x African x Mexican x Jamaican. Finishing 4th week flower


LA Confidential --DNA Genetics-- (100% Indica) OG LA Affie x Afghani Finishing 4th week flower


The other two (SAGE&Sour&Night Terror) are in the 7th week flower they just got their last feed at 1,8EC. Tuesday they will be totally flushed with water puting 3 times the capacity of the pots (8ltrs x 3= 24 liters per pot) of water(balanced at 6,2 PH) through them to clean off any nutrients in the medium and roots, this will allow the plant in the coming week/10 days to eat of whatever is left in leaves/stems, so, by the time of harvest they will be no taste in the plant but its natural one

Sage N Sour --T.H. Seeds-- (75% Sativa) Sour Diesel x SAGE / 7th week flower



Night Terror OG --Rare Dankness Genetics USA-- (70% Indica/30% Sativa) Blue Dream x Rare Danknes #1/ 7th week flower


I hope you guys liked the report, next week I will have some more updates

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This is one hell of a good looking jungle. It looks so long inside. Don't get lost.


Don't worry mate, I carry a compass with me all the time, very handy for walking into jungles when stoned ;-))

Its getting real big and healthy. Nice work mate.