Sunday (update)

7 months ago

Hi guys and gals!!!
Had a busy week with all sorts of gardening work, mid-week I super cropped some plants and made a tutorial : Super Cropping

This weekend I did a mix of pruning, super cropping and securing the branches of the Ed Rosenthal plants that have been growing for 4 weeks in veg and 3 in flower, they are expected to grow some fat buds , so, I prepared them for what is coming. The post will be released in the next few days, stay tuned ;-))

And now, following last weeks: Part 1. Here is an update on this babies

Ed Rosenthal (Indica Pheno) --Sensi Seeds Amsterdam-- (65% Indica/35% Sativa) Afghanis x North Indian x Thai x African x Mexican x Jamaican. Finishing 3rd week flower

LA Confidential --DNA Genetics-- (100% Indica) OG LA Affie x Afghani Finishing 3rd week flower

Sage N Sour --T.H. Seeds-- (75% Sativa) Sour Diesel x SAGE / 6th week flower

Night Terror OG --Rare Dankness Genetics USA-- (70% Indica/30% Sativa) Blue Dream x Rare Danknes #1/ 6th week flower


I had to edit the post to put a close up of this juicy Night Terror OG....showing some good manners already

#grow #indoors #indica #sativa #hibryd #Iloveweed #legaliseit

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Ed Rosenthal is a great strain which I had a couple of years ago. Very potent and delicious I would love to try it again at any time. Great grow report!


The Indica phenotype is to me the tastier of the two you usually see around Spain, totally diferent plants the Sativa pheno is way taller and buds are very spread around very long side arms....the indica pheno is tiny but with a lot of side branches too, if you give it enough time to veg and you work on the plant you will end up with many colas, great for sea of green

All those shots are beautiful. You are definitely a Doctor Green Thumb! Those plants all look top notch!

Dam these are all looking supper tasty.

That close up is fantastic

My goodness! Se ven muy deliciosos!
How I wish I am near you... hahaha, I could learn some growing tips. I love the last image particularly those trichomes!!!


Will look for you on Discord so you can contact me anytime for any tips you might need, but dont worry anyway, as you post you will have plenty of good growers here helping you .....those trichomes is a genetic trait from that strain , big fat trichs all over it ;-)


Many thanks, that's lovely.

Looks great!!! :-)

Thanks guys, will keep you updated