New Year Grow Diary part 8 (8th Week Flower)

last year

Week 8th started last Tuesday, and it started with a full flush pouring 3 times each pots capacity with water balanced at 6,2EC.
Water was put into a reservoir the night before to warm up, and that way avoid a very common mistake, which is to pour cold water, this time of the year temperature of the water is of around 12ªC, too cold for your plants, it should be around 18ª to 20ªC

Papa´s Candy

Am impressed with the production of this strain, the size of the center colas are massive, I cannot think what kind of monsters would you pull out giving it 4/5 weeks vegging I gave her two and cannot complain at all, she is also packed with Trichomes and very sticky and the scent is becoming sweeter, still has that citric and incense/pine smell but it is evolving picking up the fruitier side


Melon Gum

Not as productive as the Papa´s Candy but with a scent and a stickiness, that makes up for it.
I have a feeling Melon Gum would perform better on a SCROG type of set up providing she gets a long veg period(
4/5 weeks). The scent is a mixture of strawberries and melon that I hope it translates well in the taste.


WEEK 8 : EC 0,2- PH 6,2- Temp 19/26ºC- RH 45/50%

Feeding Schedule:

Tap water PH Balanced at 6,2 and at 19/20ªC


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I hope you have enjoyed it, if you have any doubts/questions or just want to show some love, hit me here

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Your photos are better than what I can find on!

Congrats! Lovely plants


you are free to use them ;-)

Good to see those pistils and trichs.......they look so tasty and yummy and surely they ´re great stuff for puffing!


In less than a month i will be tasting them, can´t wait

You managed green leaves till the 8th week...usually at this stage most of leaves here go yellow


LOL, well his name is lamanoverde, he´s got green thumbs!!!


a bit of yelowing started already on the Pap´s Candy, those photos were taken a couple of days after flushing, by the time i harvest yellowing will be present ;-)


cool .. im def trying your flush method in the end of my next batch

The flowers look very impressive!

looks like good candy for pappa

  ·  last year

Great pic's. Looks tasty.


Thanks for your support guys, it is great to get to get your love!!!

Lovely plants you have there

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