New Year Grow Diary part 7 (7th Week Flower)

2 years ago

Back with some news about these two strains Papa´s Candy and Melon Gum, Papa´s Candy has a very appealing mix of lemon and pine smell, Melon Gum has picked up the chewing gum scent of the Bubble Gum , and as you will see in the photos, both are beginning to be covered in Trichs. Today the grow diary is a nugporn session

Papa´s Candy



Melon Gum



Both strains are very easy to grow, I would recommend a SCROG and topping for the Melon Gum, as a SOG you will end up wasting to much canopy space that with a SCROG could be easily covered. Papa´s Candy is great for a SOG set up long veg period is advised (4 weeks)


WEEK 7 : EC 1,8- PH 6,2/6,3- Temp 19/26ºC- RH 50/55%

Feeding Schedule:

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Bloom)A+B
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
Advanced Nutrients B 52
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana
Canna Cannazym
Grotek Pro-Silicate


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I hope you have enjoyed it, if you have any doubts/questions hit me here


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Awesome photos, those buds look magnificent, looks great with all that detail, amazing. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

Cool post I like how you’ve included links to past weeks that’s very cool and also helpful!

Wow ! Great to see those trichs so rich....and so amazing. I wish I would also grow similar to your harvest.... oh well, soon! LOL, would have to try and try hard!


am sure you will, you have what is needed, love for the plant!!