New Year Grow Diary part 6 (5th Week Flower)

last year

Hi everyone!!!

5th week just started for these two strains, I must say that so far I really like how they behave and the structure both strains have, totally different between them, but both very suited for indoor growing. As always on the 5th week flowering I start the week with a light flush at 0,9 EC to rise it up to 1,6 EC in the next watering

Melon Gum




Papa´s Candy



WEEK 5 : EC 1,6- PH 6,2/6,3- Temp 19/26ºC- RH 50/55%

Feeding Schedule

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Bloom)A+B
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
Advanced Nutrients B 52
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana
Canna Cannazym
Grotek Pro-Silicate


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I hope you have enjoyed it, will be back next week with more updates

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Man these are going killer, I wish I could taste them haha


Yep....Melon Gum has that Bubble Gum scent....feels like eating it


No joke, smellovision on would be the best 🤤


I am agree it should be one the first dapps HAHA

I am envying your babies, que bonitas! The buds have grown much more than last time. I love watching all of them. Thanks for sharing!

Wow those are looking great! You have quite the assortment of nutrients going on.

As always guys, thanks for your support!!!

Wow those flowers look fantastic, I think the smell in that room would be enough to get me high, Lol. Thanks for sharing these awesome pic, bong on bro. :-)

Looking really good! How are these strains? Have you tried them before?


I will try them next week, as the nursery that I got the clones off also grew some and its cured allready ;-).
Papa´s Candy won many awards in Spain since 2006, amongst them the Spannabis 2013, that's a good reference.
Melon Gum is a cross between two of my favorite Indicas of all times, a Soma Lavender and a Serious Seeds Bubble gum....that has to be right

Great impressions, I enjoyed it.

Very Nice :D

It's a nice grow, wishing day to have it

Great job! Keep up the good work!