New Year Grow Diary part 5 (4th Week Flower)

2 years ago

Hi there!!
Back with the new year grow diary, you can follow the first episodes here:

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Part 4

Plants are at the beginning of 4th week. Up until now it has been easy but one of the problems of feeding different strains is that each one eats their way. Since its the first time growing these genetics and don't know what they are like i rather going slow with the ferts, I much rather have a bit of yellowing than nutrient excess.

As a rule of thumb, Indicas tend to eat more, but nothing like trial and error to find out. In this case i kept both strains: Papa´s Candy and Melon Gum at 1,2 EC from first week flowering until the end of the 3rd, and both are asking for more, so I upped the EC to 1,4 at the start of the 4th week with the view of having it at 1,5 before the end of the 4th week.

And this is how they look.

Melon Gum

pexels-photo-1883538.jpeg pexels-photo-1883549.jpeg


Papa´s Candy

pexels-photo-1883602.jpeg pexels-photo-1883599.jpeg

WEEK 4 : EC 1,4- PH 6,2- Temp 19/25ºC- RH 50/55%

Feeding Schedule

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Bloom)A+B
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
Advanced Nutrients B 52
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana
Canna Cannazym
Grotek Pro Silicate

That's it guys, hope you liked it! !will be back next week with another update about these two strains.

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pexels-photo-1883597 copia.jpegpexels-photo-1883597 copia.jpegpexels-photo-1883597 copia.jpegpexels-photo-1883597 copia.jpegpexels-photo-1883597 copia.jpeg

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Those are interesting strains I never heard of


They are both from Spanish breeders, I can't wait to taste Melon Gum, is a cross between a Soma´s Lavender and a Serious seeds Bubble Gum, it has to be right with such parents ;-)

Oh yea those are really starting to look nice!

They look like tall girls


They have very different structures: Melon Gum is a high mid-size, Papa´s Candy is quite small. I would love to see Papa´s Candy after 4 weeks veg, she got a very nice structure for SOG. This time gave it two because Melon Gum was getting too tall so i had to switch to flower ;-)

Scrog those girls :)
When are you gonna start flushing?


I do small flushes at half strength EC at the start of the 5th and 6th week usually, and two weeks before harvesting I do a full flush with just water, that is 3 times the capacity of the pot. Stay tuned as this Sunday I will publish info on that ;-)

nice looking buds man im a beginner grower lol