New Year Grow Diary part 3 (Switching to 12/12)

last year

You can find my first two posts from this grow diary here:
Week 1&2 Veg

Switched to 12/12 two days ago a few days after trimming some of the bottom branches

Melon Gum

Already developing a nice canopy

Next two photos you can clearly see how the plant is developing, trimming bottom branches allows new strong growth.

This is today

This is the day I trimmed them, 5 days ago

Papa´s Candy

Loving the Indica structure on this one looks like she will not be a tall plant but bushie

Here again a picture of today VS 5 days ago

Lamps growing under LEC lights(Dimlux dual 630W) I will be keeping EC at 1,2 for the next two weeks. Temp 18/24ºC-50/60%RH. PH starting at 6.0 and will reach 6,2 after the second-week flower

Nutrients for this first week in flower
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A+B
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor
Advanced Nutrients Piranha
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
Canna Cannazym
Canna Rhizotonic

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Wow your plant are doing more than great, you are really taking good care of it keep it up thanks for sharing

they are beautiful you have had a lot of dedication and love for the cultivation of girls in a few weeks we will have flowers

I see that you are using AN range except cannazyme and rhyzotonic, is there a secret behind it? Or they are just cheaper and work as well?


I substitute AN Voodoo Juice with Rhizotonic on the feedings+using Mycos in the Coco, upon transplant, and yes its a cost thing: Voodoo Juice is very expensive in Europe, same with Cannazym its cheaper.....Don't get me wrong , both brands are top, i ve used both. Maybe Canna is more suited for dripping systems as it will not clog the drippers


Dude I totally get you. In my opinion, they are too expensive - and have 3 bottles for roots while other nutrient companies have only one bottle for roots.
Base nutrients are well-priced dough. Yep man I totally agree there both brands are top. But only work properly if you use all bottles especially the expensive ones (cannaboost, budfactorx). They make sure we spend our money hehehe.


Yep....they do know their marketing quite well. I have a love hate relationship with AN, after years using it i switched to Canna, mainly because I started using drippers and with AN it was a nightmare due to clogging, ended up coming back to AN after a couple of years, since I don't have much space I don't experiment much with nutes, one day i love to do a comparison side by side of AN vs Mills and AN vs Grotek


Finally, someone who talks nutrient sense. I wish someone who has the will and space make comparison experiment with 5 nutrient companies in 10 tents (5 indica, 5 sativa) and run in them identical clones of the same mother. I would LOVE to see that.