New Year Grow Diary part 2 (Getting ready for 12/12)

2 years ago

You can find the first post of this grow diary here:

Week 1&2 Veg

Almost second week of veg, time to get these babies ready for it.
As part of my routine I always give my plants a little trim before flowering, mainly bottom side branches and leaves that will not get that much light, I will also achieve give the top part of the plant more strength to grow

Papa´s Candy

These plants have an Indica structure, this is how they were before trimming

And this is after

Since I know these plants will not grow too tall I've gone very easy on them, they will recover very quickly and you will be surprised next week with the growth of new leaves and branches

Melon Gum



One of the great things of doing this is that you end up with a few clones that you can give away to friends ;-)

Finally, I usually allow the plants two or three days to recover before changing to 12/12. So I reckon Tuesday will be the day to switch

So far am using AN Connoisseur Grow A&B + AN B52 + Canna Rhizotonic. EC 1,2. PH 5,8. Temp between 18 to 24ºC and RH between 50 to 60%

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Looks like it’s going to become a nice jungle. A yummy jungle too. Looking forward to the next updates!

hui this is going to be a very nice 2019 ;))
keep on growing
peace @harimbadl

Loving the progress! This is the type of content Canna loves! Keep them coming

Nice work mate, keep us posted with how these plants progress 👍

Thanks for the support guys!!!!!will keep you people posted