New strains for the new year

2 years ago

The cuts arrived the 31st, so, I did finish last year and start the new one as I like 😃.growing this beautiful plant that has given me so much good through the years

Both strains are from Spanish breeders, but they have been around for a while so, maybe you have tried them before.

Melon Gum from Dr Underground

A cross between one of Soma´s Lavender and a Bubble Gum (Serious Seeds), flowers between 7 to 8 weeks, so it is a quick one.
They are growing under LEC lights and using Coco as a medium. Feeding them with Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur as a base and adding AN B52 and Canna Rhizotonic, asides that I always use Mycos mixed in with the coco when I transplant. EC is at 1,2 and PH range between 5,7/5,9 for the two weeks I will veg them, Temp ranging between 18 to 24ºC and RH for this first week at 60%

Papas Candy from Eva Seeds

A cross between a Laotian and a Pakistani, also very fast at flowering(around 50/55 days), using the exact same lights, medium, temp/rh and food as the Melon Gum for now

Planning to veg for 2 weeks and will keep you people posted 😏 happy new year everyone!

#indoor #indica #grow #bubblegum #lavender #laos #pakistan

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These are some nice looking clones for sure, Can't wait to see them grow in to nice stongs buds.

I never had any these tasty sounding strains either


First time I grow them also, both are a friends recommendation, he knows I love tasty weed 😉


Nice that is a good friends by the sounds of it

Right on! Looking forward to follow another fellow grower. What size of a grow space is this?


2 X 630 LEC lights in 2 Mtrs,it is my second crop using LEC, am impressed


You have a nice clean setup as well. Nice to meet you. YOu should the Canna-Curate server

Canna approves of this post! Come join our server to chill and network.


That's quite a lot of plants in a small space, will they stay this close together further into the grow? Looking forwards to this grow's progress, happy new year :)


Space is bigger 😃 they have plenty of air........ I will spread them, but those trays are a 1mtr x 1´10mtr and there are 16 plants, the idea is to give them short veg so you end up with plants not higher than 70 /80 cm