Grow, Learn, Repeat (Mother Earth and Papas Candy grow diary/part 4)

last year

Middle of the 4th week flowering for both strains, and I am beginning to notice the feeding differences between them, they are both hungry girls, already on 1.5EC although what I did this time is to give the plants more of the supplements and left the main nutrient base as it was, lets see how it work.

The main difference is the amount of water and nutrients each one takes. Mother Earth is a much taller plant and drinks almost double of what Papa´s Candy does.

Asides that, the only major change is that I have switched the LEC system to its full 730W power, I guess next week I will start to really notice the difference in between LEC and HPS systems.

Papa´s Candy (Eva seeds- Spain)

Mother Earth (Mr Hyde seeds - Spain)


WEEK 4th Flowering : EC 1,5 - PH 6,2 - Temp 18/24ºC - RH 50

Feeding Schedule:

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Bloom)A+B 1 mltr per liter
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud 1 mltr per liter
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X 1 mltr per liter
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy 1 mltr per liter
Advanced Nutrients B.52 1 mltr per liter
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 1 mltr per liter
Canna Cannazym 2 mltrs per liter
Grotek Pro-Silicate 2 mltrs per liter
Growcentia Mammoth P 0,16 mltrs per liter


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I hope you have enjoyed it if you have any doubts/questions or just want to show some love, hit me here


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Looks beautiful and looks like it is gonna be yummy.


Thanks!!! can´t wait to have a taste ;-)


I chopped down my passion fruit today and one of the Gorilla Glue because it looked ready, Still have a week or two for the other girls to be ready, drying the two I cut down now, can't wait to trim and cure them next week. But I will be patient, figure they will be ready to try on or around my husband's birthday.



Thanks Sister!!! I made them with the new Iphone camera, just starting to understand it better, need to put more time to learn how to use it well

  ·  last year

Great grow set up and pic's . Do you know the genetics of mother earth?


Thanks mate. Mother Earth is made of Critical Maas and Big Bud

  ·  last year

Ah ok thanks.

Nice looking ones.


Thanks mate!!!

  ·  last year

Looking good cheers


Thanks for your support

This grass - the smell should be pleasem.


Mother Earth is very smelly already, thanks for dropping by