Grow, Learn, Repeat (Mother Earth and Papas Candy grow diary/part 3)

9 months ago

Beginning of 3rd week flowering for these two strains.
Before starting if anyone wonders what are the bits and pieces on top of the leaves, it is the medium that comes with the
"Neoseiulus Californicus"* the natural predators am using as preventive against the red mites, this time of the year is when they show up and don´t want surprises.*

In this grow I am experimenting with different light setups: LEC&HPS, and now it is beginning to be obvious the differences although I have the LEC systems not dimmed to its full wattage (760W). Today I am pushing them from the 630W setting to the 690W to bring it up to full power by the start of the 4th week.

Mother Earth (Mr Hyde seeds - Spain)

To the left plants under LEC and to the right the ones under HPS.


Papa´s Candy (Eva seeds- Spain)

Here again, to the left plants under LEC and to the right the ones under HPS.


WEEK 3 Flowering : EC 1,2- PH 6,2/6,3- Temp 18/24ºC- RH 50

Feeding Schedule:

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Bloom)A+B 1,3 mltrs per liter
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud 1 mltrs per liter
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X 0,5 mltrs per liter
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy 1 mltrs per liter
Advanced Nutrients B.52 0,5 mltrs per liter
Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 0,5 mltrs per liter
Canna Rhizotonic 2 mltrs per liter
Canna Cannazym 2 mltrs per liter
Grotek Pro-Silicate 2 mltrs per liter
Growcentia Mammoth P 0,16 mltrs per liter


You can follow past episodes of this grow diary here:

Part 1
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I hope you have enjoyed it if you have any doubts/questions or just want to show some love, hit me here


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The LEC lighting seems to be extra beneficial. Is there any way for you to compare the wastage? I guess, it makes a big difference in energy costs, doesn't it?


I am not fully convinced about LEC. it does produce more but the best buds I ve seing lately comes from LED systems. One of the reasons I did this grow was to compare the finished product, taste, looks, and scent. Weight is obvious LEC outperforms HPS by far, a 630W light can give the same power of a 1000W HPS light, so you get more, What do you mean with wastage?


sorry. That was just a misuse of words. I meant "use". :) LEC uses more power. But now that you said it's more effective even with lower watt, maybe I am wrong.
And LED is definitely the cheapest version, energywise, or isn't it?


These days they all consume a lot of energy, the best LEd systems are ranging between 600 to a 1000W. but also they do produce much more than the old systems, so you don´t have to do many grows to have enough for yourself. What is important to me is the quality of the bud, taste, scent, presence, and potency all of them seem to be better with LED

Awesome mate, you have one of the best setups on The plants always look so healthy, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Bong on bro. :-)

That's a great planets. Thanks for sharing this information.

Beautiful plants in beautiful lightning conditions

Terrific garden, brother, with the production you can get from there you have grass for the whole year and that's excellent, I saw your message in the discord I sent you an answer that way.