Grow, Learn, Repeat (Mother Earth and Papas Candy grow diary)

11 months ago

This grow am trying these two strains under different light setups. Half of them will be under LEC 630 watts lights and the other half under HPS 600 watts lights, that way I can compare the differences of both systems not only regarding productivity but also in potency, looks, terpenes content, etc.
I grew Papas Candy under LEC last time, and although am happy with the production, am not so happy with the finished product, and I have a feeling LEC lights could be the reason why.

Nothing like a good start, adding Mykos to the Coco

And to make it complete, strong clones with a developed root system, this will guarantee no dead clones and a shorter veg period

Papas Candy (Eva seeds - Spain)

Papas Candy is a cross between a Laotian landrace and a Pakistani landrace. Short and very strong plant with an excellent leaf to flower ratio, it can be ready in 7 weeks with trichs maintaining their milkiness all the way to the 58th day, last grow I harvested between the 57th and 58th day, this time I will harvest most likely at the 49th day to find out the differences. My guess is that flavors might vary.

To the left are the plants under LEC, to the right under HPS, it is easy to see the different light spectrum each one gives.

I will be growing in 8ltrs cloth pots.


Mother Earth (Mr Hide Seeds - Spain)

A cross between Critical Mass and Big Bud, Mother Earth has won over 20 cannabis cups in Spain since 2013 for Indoors, Outdoors, Roisin, BHO categories. With such parentals, I am not surprised, both genetics have been around for years and are top.
Ready between 57 to 63 days I can´t wait to see the buds this girl produces

Here again, to the left are the plants under LEC, to the right under HPS

Also will be grown in 8ltrs cloth pots.


WEEK 1 Veg : EC 1,2- PH 5,7/5,8- Temp 18/24ºC- RH 60

Feeding Schedule:

Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur (Grow)A+B **1,3 mltrs **per liter
Advanced Nutrients B-52 1 mltr per liter
Canna Rhizotonic 2 mltrs per liter
Canna Cannazym 2 mltrs per liter
Grotek Pro-Silicate 2 mltrs per liter


To end, maybe you guys have seen a small plastic bag in one of the pots? Since I like to introduce products, this one is one of the best biological preventive measures against red mites. This time of the year is when they show up, and I rather prevent before getting the problem, so I invited a bunch of "Neoseiulus californicus" a natural predator, the thing about this one is that asides eating red mites he has fun destroying the net red mites use to protect themselves, a very good product

I hope you have enjoyed it if you have any doubts/questions or just want to show some love, hit me here


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Dude that Mother Earth is going to be a bomb! With that kind of genetics and reputation, you cannot go wrong. And an amazing setup!

Curious about the lights performance as I've tried them only on tomatoes and they worked extremely well, Lec is Ceramic Metal Halide? Great little things and expect more of everything! These 630 are worth at least 750 to 800w in HPS comparison. I guess you know they have flowering and vegetation bulbs 3100k-4300k. Much better choice than LED for the moment in my opinion. So excited about the experiment, because I think im getting them soon!
How often do you have to water the 8lt pots when the roots get established? Got a buddy who is claiming he has to water every day, but it sounds suspiciously too much to me...
p.s. does your silicate raise your solution PH crazy high?


Yep I have high hopes with the Mother Earth, I tasted a sample from a friend that grew it, the same clone, and it is very tasty.

Lec is Ceramic Metal Halide, I have a Dimlux system, all in one, the thing has a switch and you can select from 300W all the way to 730W, one thing if you are getting one, get protective sunglasses and be aware these lamps bring a lot of heat,
Lec will give you more production, that is a fact, but I still unsure about giving you the best quality finished plant, I guess this grow will confirm or deny my suspicions:

Best weed I have seen lately come from new 600W led systems, there is something about it that it seems trichome and resin production is higher on leds.
Best overall lamp to me is Gavita, but you need a lot of height and a big room to use them.

I make a big tank every week. fill it with water and add the silicate then ph can be at 8,2/8,4 i leave the water and silicate to settle one day. It is the day after that I add nutrients, once mixed Ph ain´t that crazy high, I think that´s one of the advantages using AN nutrients they say they are PH perfect, that´s bollocks like the dosage they recommend but it does get close, as far as I remember this mix came out at 6,2 and brought it down to 5,8


Good stuff man! Finally someone who knows what he's talking about. Cannot wait to see the compared results, probably this is the most interesting grow on smoke at the time.

About the Silica I'm asking because, when I add the silicic acid PH jumps and if it is not lowered down to around 6.0 it locks with the nutrients making the water murky for a few seconds, I will try with your thing, leaving it overnight - maybe something different happens. I'm sick of PH-ing the mix 2 fricking times in 4 watering canisters that usually mix.


what brand of Silica are you using? today I filled a tank, H2o+Silica, brings it to 8,4(since last night), upon adding mutes went down to 5,8 this time as I added more , I had to bring it up to 6,2 after that, but I know the day after tomorrow it will be a bit higher again, I always have to PH the water after mixing and always re balance it before feeding ;-)


Currently, I'm using GEN200 CONTROL
a bio-mix of natural micro-elements supplemented with 100% bio-available ortho silicic acid. I have to lower the PH before adding nutrients or mix will get blurry, sometimes even smoke like elements create themselves in the water. Before when I was using Mills silicone this thing did not ever happen. And it should be the same kind of form of the silicone.

I'm not a jealous person, but after seeing this pictures something changed in me 😁😅


just did the transplant, give them a few days and they will look much better. Thanks for the support, growing is a pleasure, but, growing, posting and getting love is where is at ;-)

Nice garden you have going.


Thanks mate!!!

Wow. That seems a very healthy start. I have been doing the same, i mean trying to grow and making mistakes but learning from them and slowly but gradually getting things right. I am no way near you in making a good grow but i am following your posts and will keep learning from you to become a successful grower.

lookin good in the hood my friend!