Cannabis High-Tech Growing Solutions for Home.

6 months ago

I live in a country where recreational consumption and the cultivation of #Marijuana is prohibited by law. So the "black market" is the only place where you can buy, without counting with the #Cannabis rich in CBD that is now legal. And buying in the "black market" is not very cheap to say, that's why the best solution is to grow your plants yourself. The two things are finally punishable by law so it would not make much difference.

I live in the middle of the city literally, here it is impossible to grow even using these small boxes for indoor cultivation, especially because of the smell. From the beginning of the flowers to the curing and final drying the smell is too strong. I, out of curiosity, started a research and found that there are high-tech cultivation solutions for the home that direct their attention above all to the issue that concerns me the most.

The first one was Leaf

Leaf takes care of everything, from cultivation to drying and final curing of the plants. All very "smart-house" style, even with internal HD camera to see your plants from the smartphone application with which you can control the entire process.


The type of method of cultivation is hydroponic and the price is around 2500 dollars per unit plus shipping costs.

The second one was Grobo

Grobo is almost the same as Leaf but a little smaller and also a little cheaper, around 2000 dollars per unit. Of course, it does not have a camera included but an application for smartphones.


It is a pity that neither of these two solutions can be bought where I live. Shipping only to the USA and Canada at the moment so I will stay with the desire to start planting at home ...

... for now at least ;)

#hightech #leaf #grobo

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Micro Cultivation is GREAT for Cannabis!

Did you know you can build something yourself for MUCH less than one of these units? Including odor control? :D

Check Out the Micro Grow Possibilities!

The most up to date Micro Grow information on the net, currently. From micro PC case sized grows, to small closets and clothes dressers, the options are nearly unlimited.

Information on LEDs, CFLS, Mini HID and more. Ventilation, odor control, canopy manipulation, and on and on. :)

Here's a link to a thread comparing the output of various off the shelf lights you can use for growing.

Here's a link to multiple threads on DIY odor control methods on a small scale :)

Go BE Awesome! :D


Oh man!!! You made my day :) Thanks a lot for the links, i will start reading now when I am finished writting this comment ;)

Big thanks to you @douglas.curtis!!!

Following you now also


My pleasure :D

With a couple boxes and LED lighting, you can have freshly cured cannabis every month. :) The more you learn, the better your quality will get. :D Once you get growing, pick up my book for a boost in quality. :D

Go BE Awesome! :D

Here's an image of the NGB Cab I saw 16 years ago. I built something similar and the rest is history. :D


Here's the link on how it was built!

That's a stylish looking grow setup, clean too. Looks like a complete system - even has the co2 enrichment.


Yes, it is fully automated system with his own app for iPhone and Android. More into de smart-house style than a do-it-yourself. A bit expensive though but I think will be just a matter of time to get them here in Europe cheaper ... just need to be legalized the growing and smoking, and for sure many small star-ups will come with projects like this ... hopefully soon ;)

That's a really nice looking unit. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, they will ship in other countries soon.

Is there no one cheaper than this? and can they ship to Africa? How can i confirm please?


No cheaper as far as I know and not Africa shipment too but you get some good links in the first comment of how to build one yourself. Do not miss them!