Veg Room Update #15

3 months ago

What's up my Smoker's! Damn what a good year so far in the Canna community of the block chain, @canna-curate. So many good things are going down, we have a Canna Steem Fest going down June, 22nd, find out about it here. Of course all my Smoker's are invited too. Do not let the name throw you off. So if your in the Portland area, or nearby inquire within the Canna Discord. There will be lots of non block chain people there, and we will be signing up people with free Steem accounts, and it would be nice to have some people pushing Smoke. But did you know someone who posts about cannabis that gets on Steem, will eventually get on Smoke? That's how many have got on here came. Yeap. @jackdub, @elamental, @bluntsmasha, @closetcanada, @prettynicevideo, the list goes on and on! This is and has been my approach all along, Smoke wins Canna wins, and im all in for Canna. Now for the Canna witness, folks I apologize for not making a post, but so much is happening, and I have put in a lot of money into Canna, and a witness is just not in the budget. But I am currently asking around to see if I can find someone with a computer with proper specs to run a witness from there, instead of rent a server. But as of now it is not on top of my list for things to do. Just keeping you all informed. Right now, thanks to @jackdub and @prettynicevideo, @canna-curate is hosting a cool contest with some epic payouts. Check out post here. Hope to see you join in the fun. Ok now enough jibber jabbish, off to my veg room update!

image0 (3).jpg

Ok if your new to my blog let me give you a brief description. I use a CFL which is on 24 hours a day, 7 day's a week. The size of the closet is 18 inches by 3 feet. I use a blend of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Floor with Happy Frog soil. I use a cal/mag supplement since I use RO water. I do not add anything else besides Fulvic Acid.

image0 (1).jpg

Strains in my library

  • Steem Og
  • Tahoo Og x Og
  • Astro Beaver
  • Peanut Butter Breath(3 different phenos)
  • Dj Short Blueberry


Currently in veg I have Steem Og, Astro Beaver, and PBB. I recently just transplanted the AB and Tahoo cuttings into the Solo cups you see. My Steem Og are the ones you see in the .75 gallon pots. Which one of those are going to be "*Forked", to create Smoke.og.

image0 (2).jpg

One Steem Og I am doing some LST, or low stress training on it. This will turn all the nodes into tops. Not sure which Steem Og I will use for the "Fork", but once I pollinate, I will no longer run this Steem. This one you see is a F2, meaning it is the second generation of the Steem. I have the F3 seeds, which after the creation of Smoke.og, I will start working to create the F4 of Steem Og. This project has also become bigger then I ever could imagine. We have @drutter who recently just cut down his Steem. Way to go buddy! Now we have @blunsmasha flipping his Steem, which I think is the best looking Steem Og pheno grown to date! I suspect that the Smoke.og project will be even bigger. With all excitement of Steem Og, I will do my best to make more seeds for the Smoke.og. This should be a huge thing for Steem and Smoke. My goal and mission is to have both sites work together and Canna-Curate is the bridge connecting both block chains. Which the bridge is finished, I just need you to cross it, ;).



We are hiring bridge construction workers, our Instagram campaign has begun, please follow Canna and give us some of those hearts! Peace and love my Smoker's


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and in my opinion the people that you have brought this way are amzing content creators. I mean @jackdubs reviews are just amazing, But I totally agree I want to push smoke as a coin for that cannabis resturant that will be openeing here in Vegas which I spoke to the guy who bought the building and asked if he knew anything about smoke io, steem and he didnt. (blockchain meeting) butif his business will take coin, imagine the opportunity that would bring a coin like smoke. The meet ups will be every three weeks so..... But we will see how things go.


I love your content, and you are awesome!


That's an understatement!

Fest sounds fun! Wish I could make it. I'm gonna check out this contest


Yes it will be fun! Hope to see you there!

I'll take an oz of steem OG please!


ok, coming up!

Looking good dude. Good job on organizing the festival. Hope lots of ppl show up!


thanks bro!

Canna steem fest sounds fun. Why does the light stay on 24/7.?


Cause cannabis does not need dark time, unless you want to induce flowering. SO 24 hours a day makes your plants grow faster.

Your babies are going well mate, some of the leaves are turning a bit yellow. Do they need a few extra minerals? Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

I will always love those pin/hat photos. Bless up bro - the contest is dope, hope my flames add to the fire.

Whats up man! Nice garden as always!
I'm far far away from the canna fest area, unfortunately!


Where do you live at?


Uruguay xD