The 4 headed kola (A SMOKE EXCLUSIVE POST)[Flower Room Update #13]

3 months ago

What's up my Smoker's! So here is a post I thought would make for a great Smoke exclusive, even though all of my post are unique, even when I do a "cross post". My update's I do on Steem and here on Smoke are about the same thing, yet each is unique. It is never a copy and paste, then post. It is more like a special edition for each one. Kinda how a record cover released in Europe is different then the record in America, complete with a extra song, or something special for each one. Please take the time to compare each posts I do, that is not a Smoke Exclusive. I am pointing this out, because I am laying out the direction I am going to take with my Steem and Smoke blogs. So when you see a Smoke Exclusive, this will mean I am sharing this only with Smoke, like my Smoke.og post for instance, or my Smoke Solo Cup post's. When you do not see the Smoke Exclusive stamp, this will mean there is a different version of the post on Steem, but not exact copy. Think of it as a collectors edition. Another thing I want to point out, is my cowboy hat pic on the bottom of each post. Under the hat, I will have a different saying on every post, think of the bottom of a Snapple cap. As time goes along I will get creative with what I am explaining to you. Quite honestly I am going to have fun with this, and I hope you will enjoy what I am doing. Also maybe I can encourage everyone who cross post's to do the same. Ok now that I laid this out, let me get back with the cannabis!

image0 (2).jpg

Here is one of the Dj Short Blueberry females I found from the Smoke.og project. When the pistols appeared, I noticed that there was a 4 headed cola!


This is a result of the FIM job I did. FIM stands for "Fuck I Missed".

image0 (4).jpg

Now even though this looks cool as fuck, I am thinking that this is not exactly a good thing. Since I will have 4 buds growing side by side, mold will be something I have to watch out for. But with growing on a personal level, mold is something you can stay on top on. I will just make sure the fan is always hitting this spot.

image0 (3).jpg

Shitty pic, of a beautiful Dj Short Blueberry

image0 (1).jpg

How I manged to not get my feet in the shoot, beats me

Now this Dj Short Blue berry will not be cloned. I just have to many strains to worry about, and to worry about making sure I get a cutting from this plant is stress I do not want. Another factor for this decision, is I went to the club yesterday, and got a cutting from one of the best nurserys in the world. Dark Heart Nurserys, click on the link for a sneak peak at the next post I have planned for Steem and Smoke.



Got to collect them all!

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It does look cool although sucks it could be pain in the ass. I guess you'll have to keep a close eye on it.

This is a @jonyoudyer exclusive! By Jonny boy, the one and only. They said it couldn't be done, then he did it.

Wow they are looking amazing, can you put some type of divider between the flowers to make them grow out and away from each other?
Maybe a X made from plastic or cardboard! Just a suggestion bro. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

Blueberry is always a personal favorite


Just wait to see the clone I got from the club. An elite California cut. I’m so excited!

Thats a beautiful Dj Short Blueberry.

I like the looks of that Blueberry..

I always preferred topping instead of FIM, cause top you can't miss haha