What's up Smoker's! Well it is almost time to go ahead and wrap up my entry for the Solo Cup Challenge. I am going to be luck to get a couple of grams off my Tall Happy Jamaican. Compared to the other entries, it's safe to say my contender will not take the crown. Canna will soon have an update of all entries.

image0 (1).jpg

Now even though I will not win, I still had fun with this challenge, and as soon as this one is over, I say we do it again! What do you think?




My Smoke contender does not have as fat of buds as the Steem contender does. But both are about the exact same when it comes to structure, and color. I sure cant wait to see how this strain smokes. I have come to the conclusion, that this strain is meant to be outdoors. So here in the next week, I will start some seeds for the outdoor season. This THJ needs space to grow, cause she is a stretcher!

I will be cutting down to dry in the coming days. Once I have a dried and trimmed finished product, I will weigh it and make a post on it. Anybody have any guesses on how much I will harvest off this? Comment below.



It has been fun, good luck to the other contenders!

#canna-curate #solocup #solocupchallenge #finished #california

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Damn Jon, that's got some crystals

Well colour and growth looks dank, size is off 🤣

I am going to say you get 3 grams dry at most but Idk how tight that nug is

  ·  last year

Amazing pic's.

Haha really nice picture

Doing it again is a very good option and i believe that with the energetic people here, we'll do it again. But i think you have a good grow and i don't why you are underestimating yourself.

I am gonna guess 4.2 grams is what it is gonna weigh

I doesn't matter how much you get off it, it still looks f#@king awesome mate. I bet it will be great smoko, I will guess about 4.5 grams. Bong on bro. :-)

looks quite powerful, your solo cup!