Solo Cup Update #13

2 years ago

What's up my Smoker's! So time for another Smoke Solo Cup update. Now let me say, I fell like mine is the joke out of the bunch. Everyone's Solo Cup contenders are doing so good. @technosgirl, @mjgeeks, @batmankush, @toker, my hat off to you! I am very impressed by everyone's entry. Now with that said, I am still having so much fun, and I am very proud of my contender. Even though I will be lucky to get an 1/8th of it, my contender is looking very special.


I fell like choosing Tall Happy Jamaican was not the best for this competition. Also I was unable to get her close to the light. But judging on the growth of my other plants, I say the reason why this strain is not doing good, is because she is meant to be outdoors.

image0 (1).jpg

Just look at that stretch!

image0 (3).jpg

image0 (2).jpg

But damn those buds pretty! This is by far the most purple strain I ever have grown. I have not pin pointed an exact smell yet. But it is amazing! I suspect I have another 6 weeks of flower time left on this gal. I have been having to water more frequent, and glad to see the cal/mag deficiency is still gone, but I still have those funky leaves on. So yeah there you have it, the clown out of the bunch. But we need clowns in this world, not the kind that live in sewers, but the kind that make you laugh, LOL



We all float here, on the Smoke Network, cause we stay high!

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That looks pretty freakin crazy, I never seen flowers looking quite like that.


Then you have not seen a lot.....🤣

Beautiful... HightSight 👽

Holy purple now, Sucks it reached so much but still looking like nice flower


Yeah it’s a funky strain, hence the name “tall” happy Jamaican. It is also supposed to give you the laughs, looking forward to that.


Dam tall is right, that is some sativa genetics if I had to guess 😁

Even though it's not yielding much, it's still a really cool grow 👍

I would like to fill a tent with a whole bunch of solo cups with plants similar to that! How long does it take to flower, just as long as a big plant?


The flowering time is all the time the same. Between 40 and 65 days around. (some are longer) You can grow them up longer and send it late in to flower time. (in tent)

I can play :p

good work, i like all the pictures you used and the last graphic design on smoke curate repeat . u re a good researcher

Thats awesome

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