Solo Cup Update #12

3 months ago

What's up my Smokers! So here is a series of posts that are exclusive to the Smoke Network, you may have heard of it, The Solo Cup Challenge. Well this contest has proven to be really fun, we got a few contenders in it still, @tecnosgirl, @mjgeeks, @toker, @batmankush and @myself. A couple of unfortunately been booted from the contest. @skylinebuds fell victim to the nasty white powdery mildew, @offgrid actually came out a winner with his contender being a male. 420 Smoke was sent to him for his efforts, and loss. So far I have to say @mjgeeks has a beast, and if he finishes he probally will take 1st place. But whoknows, cause our girl @technosgirl also has a great contender, and she is farther behind, so who knows, her's may just be the winner. To early to tell. Now to my contender, well......................................................................................................................................


My Tall Happy Jamaican is the freak out of the bunch! But I am very much proud of her. This strain was probably not the best to flower in a Solo. Also not to mention, I had no way to set her close to the light. So she stretched. Now I also suspect its just the way this strain grows. I had another THJ that I was growing regular, but the plant was just getting to tall for indoors. So I just ended up getting rid of it to go outdoors in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

image0 (4).jpg

image0 (3).jpg

Early on my Smoke contender got a bad cal/mag deficiency. But the new growth is starting to look alot better after spraying under the leafs with a cal/mag solution. I also hit it with Fulvic acid.


So I have to top colas, and two colas on the bottom branches. All other nodes I have took off the plant, since there really was no good production going on. This will also divert more energy to the top buds.

image0 (1).jpg

So yes this plant is funky looking, and is safe to say, I will not produce the most weight. But I am proud of it, and who knows, maybe I will win just by finishing. But my competition most likely will finish too. But if I lose, it really does not matter. I think I am already a winner, for the Solo Cup challenge has brought all of us together with a special bond. This contest will be a thing that will keep going on. So get ready, and take notes, cause we want you to grow with us!!!



Block chain cowboy


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Great to see so many participating in this challenge

Since @Skylinebuds and I are in Canada we will have to enter the TIM Hortons Roll up the Rim Seed Challenge.... prize will be a box of Tim Bits....

I think there are a few other Canadians in here who could join this one.... @canada @jackdub @ttr

We are falling away one by one.... It’s like the game of Survivor.... @skylinebuds and I have been voted off the island, Mould and Male .... I’m very happy with the consolation prize. It should be called Solocup Survivor and at the end we all come back and plead our case....


Lol good one!

Wow.... awesome. Lots of flowers. From your first photo it looks like they are touching the ceiling. You’re going to need to cut a hole up there so they can keep growing. Will Upvote and share in a few minutes....

Those babies are starting to look healthier than before. Love seeing the flower growth!


Yes indeed. The new growth looks normal, thank goodness. One thing for sure, I will make it to finish line and have a product to smoke on.

They seem lime a couple that has grown into one. Hmm..this gives me an idea...

Interesting finalists...and creative contest. It spread like virus here and makes things interesting.


yeah it was pretty fun. It will happen again as soon as this one is done. Just wait till people can use that summer sun, and light depvo their solo. Now that should be an interesting solo cup contender, and that will be such an educational serious of post. Do you get your hands on light dep bud in europe?


Probbly some on the land...Island here is limited with supply

Mine was a deadline entry so who knows what she will end up doing. But I am having fun with it.


Geez mine has been in flower for awhile now, Ill have to go back and check. She is like a spider growing slowly up the water spout, lol

Dont forget about mine. Will start flowering soon


Oh shit, my bad bro!