Solo Cup Update #11

3 months ago

What's up Smoker's! So my Solo Cup Contender still has a bad case of Cal/Mag defeincey, but it does seem like it is improving a bit. I have been foilar spraying with a cal/mag solution the past 11 days.

image0 (1).jpg

But not really to worried about it. Hey, what do you expect growing a plant out in a Solo cup? Besides, the flowers are coming along, and I have finished great plants in the past with deficiency's.


Now this strain Tall Happy Jamaican really is a stretcher! The verdict is still out if I picked the wrong one for this challenge.

image0 (3).jpg

Just look at the above plant that is the Steem contender!

image0 (2).jpg

As you can see, the Smoke contender is growing good, and I will make it to the finish line. Now how will the weight fair out? Only time will tell! Stay tuned you all, it's about to get interesting.



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I'm just waiting for a root to pop out the bottom!


yeah I hope so, that will be a great sign of the growth.

Bro "Hey, what do you expect growing a plant out in a Solo cup? " this shit made me die laughing, didn't you create the idea for the solo cup challenge?


it was a1 shroom spores, but not an original idea and that's why its a challenge. a solo cup is not the ideal way to bud out a plant. Which is why its fun


Yeah, I guess I had a misconception. Still pretty funny though


Whats funny is people will be like, oh man look at that plant it has a defeicency. Which im sure some wont, like my steem contender is looking fairly decent. but with such a small space, it will be easier to have a deficiency. If it was not for the challenge, this plant would of been transplanted, and still be in veg mode.

I think I might have my 1st flower ... it’s so tiny I need a macro lens.

I guess if you can grow it in a solo cup, you can grow it in anything

The first one is looking a little unhappy, I hope she picks up soon. But the second one is looking long and strong mate. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

Steem one looks great. Might have high yield even though Smoke one is not that bad. Maybe it's stressed and soon shakes up and emerges even stronger.

At first I thought it was looking a little sad because of the deficiency but the nugs are looking fine.

I mean there both coming along. Hope the one heals up. Is the close up of the Jamaican?


Yeah not so bad. I really do think an indica strain would of been best, but who knows. we shall see.

Im rooting for the little plant!



We wish you best of luck in your contest, may you win it!

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