What's up my Smoker's! So it's been 14 days since a Smoke.og update. If you recall the last update, you would know that my studs where separated from the females. Very easy process. I just set them upstairs by a window, and wait till some pollen sacs to develop. Yesterday was the day I decided to take the next step to breed my Steem Og.


The future mother of Smoke.og

List of possible suitors to "Fork", my Steem Og

  • Dj Short Blueberry (Tall pheno)
  • Dj Short Blueberry (Medium pheno)
  • Astro Beaver

So if you want to control pollinate, follow these simple steps to collect pollen.


Step 1: If more then one male, make sure you have labels.

Since I have 2 Dj Short Blueberry's, I marked the tall pheno, DJT.


Step 2: Cut the tops where some pollen sacs have formed.


Astro Beaver


DJ Short (Medium pheno)


Dj Short (Tall Pheno)

Step 3: Set the tops in a cup, or shot glass with water on window seal.


Step 4: Collect pollen as the flowers open up, and store in a container.

That's it! Very simple right? Now I just need to veg out my Steem og big enough to flower. Once i get a nice formation of white pistols, I will take my collected pollen and apply with a brush. I think the hardest part will be, to decide which male will be the chosen one. Since I have 3 studs, I will be making more crosses besides the Smoke.og. These will be F1 seeds, but the hope is to get Smoke.og in the hands of more Smoker's, and even Steemians, to have a group pheno hunt. Not only will it be cool to see the different pheno's, but I will just be a great bonding experience, just like Steem Og has become. Now not only that, but it's a great promotional tool for the Smoke Network. Just google "Steem Og" and you will see that there are numerous results just for that strain! So follow along, participate in the comments, and come hit me up in the Canna-Curate Discord to secure your seeds today!!



This is a Smoke Network exclusive post

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Nice work Jonny boy



One day I will do this! I must try to grow my own plant! so cool. Its like artificial insemination. nuts!


Yes, I like to play Marvin Gay when I rub the pollen on the white pistols ;)



Very cool!!! I wanna see more of the Steem og lol


Yeah I will do a flower room update soon.

Nice work man, These are going to be some super seeds I can feel it.

As for the smoke og pheno hunt it sounds like a great challange


Yeah bro, I got you when the time comes.

Nice update man. It worth giving a try

Merry harvest to you...the flowers in the water will live..?