Smoke.og Project Update #6

5 months ago

What's up Smokers! So lot's of progress with the seedlings, actually there not even seedlings no more! For those just tuning in I am searching for a male to cross the Steem Og, creating the first ever cannabis "Fork". The Steem Og I will be using is a F2 cross of Tahoo Og x Inca Gold that I started on last year. I do have the F3 seeds of Steem, but I am putting the project on hold till later this year. I just want to add some different flavors to my library, and in the process start the Smoke.og project. Now I plan on spreading the seeds around, but they will be F1. Which will mean many different phenos to be found. Im not so worried about creating a stable strain, even though I will try. What my thoughts are, find a great pheno and just clone the fuck out of it! Also it would be cool to see a fellow Smoker take the seeds and do their own project with.


Peanut Butter Breath


  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • Dj Short Blueberry
  • Astro Beaver


The above pic is my favorite looking plant out of the bunch. I have 3 Peanut Butter Breaths, and they are all short and the nodes are tight. All 3 are promising to be female.


All 3 Peanut Butter Breath's


I have 2 Astro Beavers, and one is showing a male part, or at least I am 90% sure. I have no time to waste, and I need room cleared in my veg room. So I switched to a 12/12 light schedule. Nothing really to impressive with these Astro Beavers this early on, so I am not going in detailed talking about them.


Both Astro Beavers


4 headed Astro Beaver


I have 4 Dj Short Blueberry. One is showing male parts, which I have been hoping one of them would! Dj Short BB would be a perfect father for Smoke.og. TBH only 2 out of the 4 are standing out to me. One cause it's a boy, the other because it smells amazing! The other two are just growing to tall for my liking, since I grow indoors. So I just might axe them. By axe I mean give away to grow outdoors. Maybe if one show signs of male, I will collect pollen and use for making seeds for outdoor use.


Male Dj Short


All 4 Dj's

Well I got some room cleared up by getting rid of the 2 males into the flower room. I will keep a close eye on them, cause if a pollen sack appears and busts it's nut, my whole room will be seeded. Something I do not want. I look foreword to showing you all what a hobby breeder can do in just a small space. I always here talk about Monsanto taking over the cannabis sector. When I here that I laugh, and cringe my teeth. It's laughable because I will demonstrate with this project why that is so, I cringe my teeth, because some people just give up and accept the powers at be. It is important that we keep cannabis sacred, for almost everything else we consume has been taking over by the corporations, or government. Yes cannabis needs to be decriminalized, but that does not mean we wait for Wal-Mart to start selling it! If you can grow your own, if not, support your local grower, and just say no to big cannabis!



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@jonyoudyer my sentiments exactly, no part of cannabis can become a corporate owned entity. it's sacred and we need it back in our food chain and not just for humans consumption to exploit for profit. I don't have a very large veg/flower space, two 2x4x6 tents do the job, I have dedicated myself in that at least once a year one crop is a seed making crop, that I diversify the genetics to make
S1 (Self-pollinated as part of the seed feminization process), F1 and possibly F2 seeds, be it regular or fem photo and/or auto period strains i'm breeding together.

Your plants are looking super healthy,..what's the secret? I think you have the right idea when it comes to keeping this sacred, you're breading for the traits you desire and then creating seeds.. you'll be able to ensure that a great strain exists and survives by creating your personal seed bank, that you will stand guard over!

Nice fresh leaves. Love it

that work that you do to protect the traditional seed is of great importance, you have some beautiful girls

Very healthy looking, for sure

@jonyoudyer The Astro Beavers seems to be doing really good in terms of growth you must have put extra attention on your grows they healthy

How can you know this early it is a male?


If you zoom in that pic of the DJ Short Blueberry node look to the right and you’ll see a little thing sticking out that looks like an antenna. Yes I could be mistaken but I’m 95% sure it’s male. Male parts show before female parts, and no signs of female in the bunch. If it is female I’ll just reveg

The peanut butter breath photo is one of my favorite photos of yours, Oh Jony boy!

ha thats really awesome, Steem og strain xD, I want to smoke that one day

Dude. A Cannabis FORK would be awesome. I can't blame you for putting it on hold. I will find out soon enough if any of the Steem Og's are male. If they are then I will take it out to the other grow room and keep it alive until I can pollinate a female.

This looks great. I almost wanted stealing it! those females are sexy! I hope to start growing soon as i Intend applying for a cannabis course on Trichome Institute.

Good luck on your Shiva hope to join you soon.

They are coming along beautifully, looking really strong and healthy mate. Peanut Butter is my favourite too, bong on bro. :-)

Hey hey... they all look so healthy, beautifully green! You are a perfect grower! I love them all... Cheers!

The structure in those Peanut Butter Breath is awesome!!!
I 100% agree on this :
"Yes cannabis needs to be decriminalized, but that does not mean we wait for Wal-Mart to start selling it! If you can grow your own, if not, support your local grower, and just say no to big cannabis!"