Smoke.og Project(UPDATE #5)

6 months ago

What's up my Smokers! Sorry for the lack of updates, it's just life gets busy, plus the Canna-Curate Discord is popping! Look out for a @canna-curate post, I will be laying out my vision for the new year. Here is a hint, it's going to be fucking great!

So off to the real shit. My veg room is filling up fast! So cool seeing the new strains I got going for the Smoke.og project.




  • Astro Beaver
  • Dj Short Blueberry
  • Peanut Butter Breath

So here is my plan, just in case your tuning in. My plan is to find a male out of all these strains to use to pollinate my Steem Og. Steem Og is a cross of a female Tahoo Og x Og, and a male Inca Gold. So you can call this breeding project, a "fork".

image0 (3).jpg

My veg room is only 2 feet by 3 feet, so I have to be really tactical on how I use the space, especially with all these plants!

image0 (2).jpg

The other day I saw these small pots that was so perfect for my grow! Im hoping I can sex my plants before I have to transplant again. Once I get a male, I can throw that in the window seal upstairs. It's not as important to grow out the males, Im just trying to get a few flowers so I can collect the pollen. So my fingers are crossed to get multiple males, lol

image0 (5).jpg

Here is a Dj Short Blueberry that is my favorite pheno so far.

image0 (4).jpg

This is my second favorite plant out of the bunch. This is a Peanut Butter Breath.

image0 (6).jpg

Here is an Astro Beaver root ball that was my favortie out of the bunch while transplanting. I really enjoy looking at roots!

image0 (1).jpg

Full house as usual when your working in a small space. So glad I found those small pots. It's more work, but so worth it. I run my CFL for 24 hours, with zero dark time for veg. Hopefully soon some male parts will start to show, so I can clear up some space. I only can run 6 plants in flower, so ill have some serious thinking to do on which plants stay, or which ones go. The weather where I live (Salinas, Ca) is very mild, so I can always give some plants away to my co worker, and she flowers them outside up in the Santa Cruz area. But damn they all look so good, I really need to get more space to grow in.



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An appropriate mention of full house on, unlike the article about Fuller House lmfao


Haha, That is so true we like @jonyoudyer kinda fuller house


fuller house? Love that show, lol

Looking good bro, I think you need a bigger house mate, your family keeps on growing, Lol. Thanks for the update, have a good one. Bong on bro. :-)


Story of my life, lol. Thanks

Nice roots, they are all some nice looking plants bit you are right thay one is top notch looking


Yeah i really hope one of the dj short blueberry is a male. I here that strain has been perfected since the breeder has been making improvements since the late 70's!


Really, I might have to find that strain, I need to find some local growers so I can try fid so a class clone

This is starting to look pretty darn awesome. Hopefully you get a decent amount of males in this.

Absolutely looking forward to how this will further evolve and to some day get a nice toke of that elusive Smoke OG.


Thank you! Yeah should be soon, there has to got to be a male out of this bunch. In fact the Dj short blueberry with the hint of purple is leaning towards the male side with how tall and lanky its looking

Never heard of these strains, are you entering multiple solo cup grows for the challenge? :D


My entry for the solo cup challenge is Tall happy Jamaican. Ill do an update about that one soon. Its looking so good, i actually might induce flowering in the next couple days

No wonder you like to look at those roots,they are looking so healthy


Yes indeed! Thanks

Beautiful deep green plants