Smoke.og Project Coming Along Better Then Expected(UPDATE #7)

11 months ago

What's up my Smokers! So some serious progress coming along with the Smoke.og breeding project. Out of the 10 seeds cracked, it's looking like I got 3 males, plus 6 females, one Peanut Butter Breath was gifted to my co worker so I could make some room in my 2x3 foot closet. I guess the hardest part now is deciding which male to cross the Steem Og with. Also even harder is to decide which females to keep around in my library. I will try to keep them around long enough to see which buds are the best, but with small space, it's a bit like playing a game of musical chairs. Lets take a look at some of my promising pheno's.


Peanut Butter Breath

Males that I have to choose from to fork my Steem Og

  • Astro Beaver
  • Dj Short Blueberry

dj short male.jpg

Dj Short Blueberry male pre flower


I was surprised that all 4 Peanut Butter Breaths where all female. I am really loving this cross of Do-Si-DOs and Mendo Breath. All pheno's are short, and the nodes are compact. Also the leaf structure is so cool looking!


A 5 headed Peanut Butter Breath, FIM game strong!

The smell coming off them is a really earthy smell. Which I enjoy.


This leaf structure is amazing!


Short and stout, so perfect for the indoor grower


So I would have to say I am a bit disappointed on how the Dj Short females are turning out. Well not disappointed, but not impressed. But that is mainly due to the other two strains I have. There is one Dj Short that is cool looking, but it's just to tall for my liking for indoor.

dj short female.jpg

I think I will gift this Dj Short to my co worker, so she can finish outdoor

dj short female 1.jpg

Close up of female pre flower


One strain that is really impressing me is the Astro Beaver. This is one @bluntsmasha talks very highly of. Would you believe that out of two seeds he gave me, both grew, and I have one female, and one male! So excited to use this one for breeding. I might have to use it for the Smoke.og.

image1 (1).jpg

That is the female AB. I defoliated a little to get some more light to those bottom shoots, which are so perfect to take some cuttings. I will soon transplant this one into a 3 gallon pot, take cuttings, let veg a little longer, then flip!

image1 (2).jpg

Steem Og cutting showing roots

So I am probably going to be seeing pollen dropping withing the next 2 weeks. I am also going to be making more crosses then just the Smoke.og. Very excited to show you all what a hobby bredder can do. Just like the saying goes: "Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime." Same things applies to making your own cannabis seeds. Peace out, and blessings to all. Oh yeah a thought for you to consider. Remember Smoke is small and it's still growing, and I really am enjoying it. But some things im seeing that I am not liking. Some people who deeply love Smoke, and rightfully so, are letting their emotions get in the way. If someone does something like cross post, from Steem, or promote Steem, please remember if you yell and cuss them you are doing more damage then the said person cross posting. There are ways to go about things, if you don't agree, don't up vote move along. You are just making this platform look bad when your emotions get in the way. Lead by example, also to others who are not using Smoke the way @stoner envisions, remember these words, " In order to lead, you have to follow."



No cross posting from this Cowboy, Yeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAA, but also no yelling and being a dick from him either

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The saying with the fish, I think just awesome.
Very interesting post. Will follow you and support you. Very nice greetings from Germany

This is a truly exciting project to keep up with. There’s awesome grows here and love reading them but tbh each time I see “Smoke.og” it just makes one want to check out the log even more.

Smoke.iOG LOL

Awesome mate, I glad everything is working out for you and you got what you were looking for. They are looking great, nice and healthy. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)

Jon, always in the lab!

Am loving it, everything looks so healthy, can´t wait hear about those crosses, well done mate!!!

i like dj short seeds... they are really oldschool!!
lets make some babies!!

your plant looks very healthy and shining indeed.the more fingers it has ,the healthier ,and i already count 7 fingers on the top leafs , very nice!